Top 10 Amazingly Fun Addictive Webgames That You Need To Play Now


Ever just sat at home on the internet looking for something to do? Want to spend masses amount of time being entertained by a game? Well this list is for you, pick any webgame off of this list and be entertained for hours. It’s the top 10 list of amazingly fun addictive webgames that you need to play NOW!

1. Motherload

You control a ship on an alien planet and mine the resources on it to make money to upgrade your ship, super fun game and super addictive! Also it’s pretty tough to stay alive throughout the game.

2. Kingdom of Loathing

It’s smart, funny, loaded with lots of pop culture references, and, best of all, requires a grammar test before being allowed to use the chat.

3. Sporcle

Not your typical “game” but Sporcle is a fun trivia website where you can take several timed quizzes for just about any topic (sports, music, geography, TV, movies, history, science, etc).

4. Powder Game

Powder Game and Powder Game 2 are quite enjoyable. There’s not too much of a difference between the two, but they’re cool little sandbox games that can honestly be pretty addicting once you get the hang of it all.

5. Cursed Treasure

This is a really really addicting tower defence game. You can easily put in tons of time in to it just like any other tower defence game. It has a sequel but they changed the art style which takes a little bit away from it. Go and check out both. The gameplay is solid in each.

6. 2048

You move blocks around. Blocks with the same number combine, forming their sum. Every move adds a new block, and you try to get a 2048 block with out running out of room. Addicting, challenging, fun.

7. Nation States

Nation States is a text based game where you can make and rule your own nation. Need I say any more? Go check it out.

8. Tagpro

Its capture the flag… but as little balls. People can get quite in to this multiplayer capture the flag and rightly so. It’s fun as balls.

9. Dinorun

If you’re a fan of retro definitely check it out. Go through the single player to get acquainted, then check out the multiplayer for more maps and stuff. It has some sweet music, really nice graphics and levels as well as hats.

10. Realm of the Mad God.
It’s a MMO permadeath bullet hell shooter. It also has a ton of progression and replayability, so there’s your time sink.




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