Heroes of the Storm: A Team Brawler of Heroic Proportions


Blizzard are well versed in creating games that people love. World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and the most recent to be released, Hearthstone.

Heroes of the Storm is a new venture for Blizzard. Capturing what people love about already existing team brawlers and including popular characters from their other games to become the heroes for players to chose from. There are 24 confirmed heroes that you will be able to do battle with and they all adhere to the four main roles, warrior, assassin, support and specialist.

The aim of the game is to take down your opponents and destroy their base. The maps that are available to play each have their own unique features which can shape and throw the game either way. For example, ‘Blackhearts Bay’ requires heroes to take down cursed creep camps and treasure chests to acquire Dubloons. When a team collects 10 Dubloons they can give them to the pirate lord Blackheart and he will then set his ghost ship to fire upon the enemy teams towers.

Heroes of the Storm is a very team based game. It isn’t a game about individual players leading their team to victory, it’s about team work and rewarding team plays. If one hero earns a lot of experience, the whole team will.

There is no last hitting and no items in this game. To build your hero towards what you want it to be, there is an in game talent system. There is no set path for the heroes once you chose a certain talent. You are free to mix it up as much as you want!

The game will be released as free-to-play much like League of Legends. All game modes will be free-to-play with a free hero rotation every week. If you want permanent access to all the heroes you are able to purchase the heroes with in game currency called gold. You can start earning this when you hit level five and earn more when you hit level six by doing daily quests. Of course, you will also be able to buy heroes with real money.

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