Mechanic Escape Review


Mechanic Escape is a fast paced, die and retry platform game with its own unique style.

Mechanic Escape level

Mech, a giant monitor with robotic hands and feet is who you will become as you go through the five worlds to try and rescue his friends. Each world contains 20 levels that increase with difficulty as you go along. Mech will be attacked and chased by monsters with a variety of lasers, missiles and other projectiles just to add to the challenge.

Mechanic Escape isn’t afraid to punish players for the slightest of mistakes, even the tiniest error will end in death and send Mech back to the start of the level. Players well versed in the art of platform games will definitely come up against some problems.

If completing the game isn’t enough for you, collectables and costume unlocks are lying in wait. Level times are logged and displayed when you go to rerun a level, pushing you to better your time.

Although level times are logged, there are no online leader boards.

Mechanic Escape is available now on PC for £4.49 through Steam.

Click here for the Steam store page.

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