Epigenesis – The Next Big eSports Title Overview, Giveaway and Review


Epigenesis is the next big eSports title, with game mechanics reminiscent of Quake and Ricochet coupled with beautiful graphics this game is looking to fill a gap in eSports for a sports style strategy shooter.

This game has already had some very successful tournaments with an already large competitor count sponsored by the likes of QPad. The game sees you take to one of six maps available to battle both with guns and the ball. Score goals and receive seeds to then take over checkpoints across the map and give your team a passive buff.

This buff can then be increased speed, jump height to influence and change the game depending on how you want to change the game and your playstyle. With the normal jump it is a double jump that can be charged to allow you to jump further and higher.

blue team

To win the game you must capture towers and construct a node system from your goal post all the way to your opponents’ goal post. If this hasn’t happened by the time that the clock reaches zero, the team with the most scores win! This means even when you’re miles behind on the scoreboard you can still come back and win before the time has ran out.

The non-lethal ballgame is incredibly fun to play, with a new way to bring teamwork, tactics and precision in to a competitive arena. We’d highly recommend this game for anyone who wants a fun and competitive game to play with a slightly different spin.

red team

If you’re at Insomnia 51 and want to play the game for yourself you can go check out Epigenesis in the Indie Zone in the Exhibition Hall.

For the giveaway, click here.




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