Himawari House Minecraft Build Tutorial


The foundation


For this, I usually use a cobblestone outer ring, as it’s aesthetically pleasing for foundations and also easy to get if you’re building this in survival. In fact, a lot of this should be. You can make the house as long as you want, but keep it an odd number in width. I usually go 7 blocks wide, but 9 has worked well for me.

Expanded Foundation


If you would like to add any nooks in the house for a bed or dining room, now is the time to add it. Make it the same width as the main house. So here, I made it 7 blocks wide and chose to go with only one nook. I also chose to make it centered, but that’s not necessary.

Corner Posts


I like spruce logs for this part. Corner posts help make things pop and help to delineate walls. Make them three blocks high.



Add horizontal logs on top of the cobblestone, leaving a gap where you will be placing the door. Again, I like spruce logs for this build.



Plain ol’ oak planks. Nothing fancy here. I replaced the threshold block with a plank instead of cobblestone.



Frame out the doorway, placing four vertical logs on top of the other logs. I actually screwed up here and should have replaced the logs that were already there with vertical logs.

Stained Clay Walls


Yellow looks really amazing contrasted with the spruce, giving the house a warm feeling while making it cheerful. Also, in survival, yellow flowers are plentiful. Make the walls even with the corner posts, except for these parts at the end.



I use acacia for this. Most people don’t care for acacia, but it’s a nice contrast here. Start the roof with an overhang and level with the top of the wall.

Finish the Roof


Continue all the way up, except for the very top. Since you made it an odd number of blocks wide (you did do that, didn’t you?), you’ll get this.

Support Beam


Vertical log, sticking out one block further than the rest of the roof on all sides.

Front Porch

minecraft tut1

Add a front porch with a cobblestone block and a ring of cobblestone steps. Also, a door. That might come in handy.

Entrance Window


Vertical log over the door and continue with glass blocks up. You can use panes if you like, but I like how glass blocks are flush with their surrounding blocks.

Other Windows


The windows at the other ends of the house will look like this. Again, glass blocks.



An internal shot where I added some lighting. Usually, one above the door and torches flanking the windows high enough where they won’t interfere with decorations

Long Wall


You can do anything you like with the longer wall, if you left one. Usually I add these two windows, using logs to frame them out and adding lighting.



You can add upside-down stairs to the underside of the roof on the ends to make it more coherent. Being that it is Himawari (Japanese for ‘Sunflower’) House, I usually add one to an item frame above the door. Apologies to the guy that has a phobia of sunflowers. Fill the inside with decorations of your choosing. Usually, I go with brown and green carpets to go with the theme.

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