Daily Predictions of Tonight’s CS:GO Games – 23/9


17:00 Hellraisers vs. A-Gaming

SLTV Starseries XI

Hellraisers are definitely the favourites coming in to this game with A-Gaming only just joining the SLTV Starseries after a season in the pro-series. I’m expecting a win from Hellrasiers, 16-8.

18:00 NiP vs. Hellraisers

SLTV Starseries XI

NiP have recently stopped playing in ESEA to focus on other tournaments and LANs so I’m expecting them to seriously up their game from weeks past. I still think NiP are in a league above Hellraisers and should be able to take this game especially since they have only lost one out of five games that these two teams have played against each other. I’d back a NiP win, 16-7.

18:00 Na`Vi vs. 3DMAX

Game Show CSGO League

These teams rarely play against each other making this a harder game than others to predict, both teams are on form winning the majority of their last few games. However, I’d be backing the Ukrainian Na`Vi to win this marginally, 16-13.

18:00 Orbit vs. NO SIR!

Fragbite Masters s3 Qualifiers

Orbit and NO SIR! are two teams that aren’t seen as top teir teams however both are very strong. Orbit have been playing well recently winning all five of their last five games. My money is on Orbit, 16-10.

18:00 Property vs. myXMG

Fragbite Masters s3 Qualifiers

Property will be coming in to this game fighting, wanting to progress in to the Fragbite Masters Qualifiers. I don’t know much about this game but I’d be putting my money, or skins on myXMG.

19:00 Na`Vi vs. Titan

ESEA Invite s17

This is a game to watch, this will be close. The last couple of times these teams met ended in 16-14, 16-12, 16-13 and 16-14. Very close results meaning this game will be a nail biter. I wouldn’t like to bet on this game but if I had to, purely on recent form I’d go with Titan, 16-14.

19:00 LDLC vs. NiP

SLTV Starseries XI

Another great game scheduled seeing such top class players as GeT_RiGhT, shox, NBK, friberg, I could actually name all 10 players on the server these teams are that good. The last two times these teams have played each other LDLC won. However with the recent bow out of ESEA to focus on other games maybe NiP have hit the drawing board and come up with some mind blowing strats. This is another game I’d refrain from betting on but if I had to, I’d say LDLC 16-14.

19:00 mousesports vs. Virtus.pro

Game Show CSGO League

Virtus.pro have been a bit hit and miss online recently, losing to teams they really shouldn’t have. This is a best of one game so this could go either way, it really depends how Virtus.pro are feeling tonight. I would put a bet on mousesports to win if the odds are right, either way it could be a close 16-14 or a stomp by Virtus.pro. A very unpredictable game.

20:00 LDLC vs. Orbit

SLTV Starseries XI

This game is going to be an easy win for the French, they simply out class the Swedish Orbit team. In this best of one I’m going to say 16-6 to LDLC.

20:00 mousesports vs Nostalgie

Game Show CSGO League

A game that could go either way as the French mix Nostalgie is very unpredictable, they could play as a mix and out idiot the mousesports team. I’m going to play safe and say that they won’t do that and mousesports will be able to shut them out. 16-9 mousesports, if they get CT side first.

20:00 Na`Vi vs. MTW

Hitbox Arena Championship 3

MTW seem out of practise and a bit rusty, Na`Vi will be ready and raring to smash the Germans. Especially since this is a best of three the Na`Vi team will be able to outclass MTW and take the game. 2-0 Na`Vi, depending on how much practise MTW have been doing.

21:00 The Lone Rangers vs. A-Gaming

SLTV Starseries XI

The all-star UK lineup of The Lone Rangers will be looking to add another win to their books after recently beating Swedish team, Orbit 16-8. The British team should take a win here, if they don’t they need to seriously look at their play style, but not over react and start kicking people. 16-9 to The Lone Rangers.

22:00 LDLC vs. A-Gaming

SLTV Starseries XI

This should be an easy win for LDLC. A-Gaming aren’t up to the high skill of LDLC. 16-5 LDLC.

22:00 NiP vs. The Lone Rangers

SLTV Starseries XI

NiP will be looking to finish the night off with a win against The Lone Rangers. A positive result for the Brits will be anything above 10 rounds. I’m expecting a NiP loss but would love an upset, 16-10 NiP.

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