Daily Predictions of Tonight’s CS:GO Games – 24/9


Here’s my predictions for tonight’s games of professional CS:GO. If you are going to bet your skins using my predictions, I don’t hold any responsibility and won’t be giving you skins because ‘I’ lost all yours. Bet responsibly.

17:00 Hellraisers vs. Property

CKoTH #9

Both teams in todays CaseKing of The Hill tournament saw wins yesterday, Property winning 2-0 against k1ck and HellRaisers 16-13 against A-Gaming. The player to watch this game is s1mple, if he gets a chance to AWP he can be really dangerous. Since this is a best of three s1mple will get a chance to AWP and cause serious upset for Property. Property, however new the team may be are still strong with players such as Delpan and zet. This, like most CKoTH games, will be great to watch and my prediction will be a 2-1 win to HellRaisers.

19:30 fnatic vs. Winner of Hellraisers vs. Property

CKoTH #9

Presuming that Hellrasiers win the first game of this CKoTH we will see them play fnatic. There are many fans of s1mple betting on HR to win the game for them, whereas I think this may be the case against Property, a one man team cannot take down a top five team in the world like fnatic. Best of threes are usually a lot easier to predict as teams cannot cause upsets and get a sneaky 16-14/16-13. This game will be a win for fnatic, here’s hoping for a 2-1 with s1mple going huge in the map HR win.

American Scene

iBuyPower vs. LunatiK

Cloud9 vs. savage

NetcodeGuides vs. Mobility

There’s not much to say about the American scene, we don’t cover it very often on BC-GB but I shall predict them today as there isn’t many games to predict. I’ll keep it quick and simple as, lets be honest I don’t think there will be many upsets. iBuyPower, Cloud9 and NetcodeGuides will all win, they’re the big teams in the Northern America scene and I can’t see an upset.




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