SLTV StarSeries Playoffs Predictions – 29/9


Here’s my predictions and betting advice on these games tonight in the SLTV StarSeries XI playoffs.

17:00 Titan (90%) vs. HellRaisers (10%)

Titan have just won DreamHack Stockholm so it’s without a doubt that Titan will win this one. It’s just by how many? I’m going to say, 16-8 Titan, convincing but not too convincing.

18:00 CPH Wolves (28%) vs. LDLC (72%)

LDLC faced off against Titan in the final of DreamHack Stockholm recently so it’s safe to say they will be looking to prove them selves in this online playoffs to get to another LAN and win. This match is going to go in favour of LDLC, if they can play as well as they did against NiP when they beat them 16-3 we could see a slaughter. My prediction for this game will be a LDLC win, 16-6.

19:00 HR/Titan loser (55%) vs. CPH/LDLC loser (45%)

Okay so from our previous predictions we should be seeing a HellRaisers CPH Wolves game here, however if we don’t the team that isn’t HR or CPH will win 16-11. If we do see a HellRaisers CPH Wolves game this will be a lot closer as I feel the two teams are pretty much evenly matched. I’ve seen a lot more from HellRaisers of late and not much of CPH Wolves. CPH have recently lost to Na`Vi 16-7 but only lost to dignitas 16-14. This game really all depends on who turns up on the day but I’m going to sway it to HellRaisers slightly. 19-16 in overtime to HellRaisers.

20:00 OverGaming (25%) vs. (75%) have been looking poor both online and did not play at DreamHack. This is a best of one so we could see OverGaming take this. But If I know the mind set of the Polish top team they will be fired up and wanting to qualify for the LAN tournament for the SLTV StarSeries. My prediction for this will be a close 16-13 win for

21:00 NiP (32%) vs. CPH/LDLC winner (68%)

According to our previous predictions LDLC should be playing this game. If we see LDLC play against NiP I think we’re definitely going to see an LDLC win. Unless NiP have been hiding their strats for the StarSeries XI, which would be insane to think that they hid strats at DreamHack Stockholm to collect information against other teams and then when they are feeling more confident about their game play and CS in general they bring out the strats they have hidden and stomp to victory at the SLTV StarSeries XI LAN finals. Now this would be a good idea and incredible planning from the Swedes so, I’m kind of going to bin off this idea and say that they’ve not done this. So, in conclusion LDLC will win this. If CPH Wolves somehow beat LDLC they should go on and beat NiP on both momentum and confidence. The score I’m going to predict for this will be a 16-9 victory for either CPH or LDLC.




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