SLTV StarSeries XI Lower Bracket Final and Consolation Final CSGO Predictions – 30/9


Tonight only sees two games happen, Titan vs. and NiP vs. the winner of Titan vs. Along with some ESEC games but ESEC games are mix teams and predicting them is pretty much impossible.

19:00 Titan (52%) vs. Virtus.Pro (48%)

StarSeries XI Losers Bracket Final

Titan and is a very equal match. the winners of ESL One Katowice against Titan the winners of DreamHack Stockholm. This will be a great game to watch and will come down to the map more than anything. If either team gets a map they are strong on they could shut the other team out and go ahead to the consolation final to fight it out for a place at the LAN finals. I really think this match is very unpredictable and depends on many factors on the night that noone can anticipate. Purely down to the fact that Titan have won a more recent big title event I’m going to say they will win this game even if are on a 5 game winning streak, it will be close. 16-14 Titan.

20:00 NiP (49%) vs. Winner of Titan vs. Virtus.Pro (51%)

StarSeries XI Consolation Final

The winners of this best of three will qualify for the LAN Finals in Kiev so it’s all to play for. NiP have looked shaky recently and haven’t impressed me at all. They’re definitely not up to their high standards by any stretch of the imagination. I’m going to go with a Titan or Virtus.Pro win. Again, this is a best of three but will be close. We definitely won’t see a 2-0 win, the scoreline will be 2-1. To which team? I’m not sure, but if I had to bet, which I won’t be, I’d put my skins/money on Titan or

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