FACEIT, Fragbite Masters and Game Show LAN Finals Predictions – 2/10


Since the Game Show LAN Finals are ridiculously early in the morning, on a Friday, we will be predicting the games in this post too. So we have tonights FACEIT Season 2 games, Fragbite Masters Season 3 games and Game Show LAN Final games. That’s a lot of different tournaments all on at the same time!

17:00 NiP vs. LDLC

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Yesterday NiP beat Virtus.pro 16-12 on season and Isak 16-8 on dust2, but lost to Titan 16-5 on inferno. The last three times these two teams played against each other LDLC won. LDLC seem to be NiPs bogey team. This best of three I suspect we will see inferno, season and one other map. I would expect LDLC to beat NiP on inferno, then possibly NiP to win on season if they play well then LDLC to take the win. I in no way see NiP winning 2-0, they could possibly sneak a 2-1 but this is highly doubtful. My bets going on LDLC to win 2-1.

19:00 Titan vs. fnatic

FACEIT Season 2

The last time these two teams played in a best of one on dust2 was at DreamHack Stockholm which Titan absolutely demolished fnatic 16-1. Titan have also been on a run of form recently beating NiP 16-5, 2-0, Virtus.pro 16-14, CPH Wolves 19-16 and HellRaisers 16-11. fnatic hae also won four of their last five games, but the game they lost was against Titan themselves. Fnatic may be good at online, yes. But dust2 is by far one of their weakest maps, losing to Hellraisers and almost to Na`Vi. All the signs point to a Titan win, so I’m going to go with the stats and not what the two teams reputations say. Titan are going to win, but not another 16-1, I think it will be 16-11.

20:00 Epsilon vs. fnatic

FACEIT Season 2

Another best of one dust2 game for fnatic, which could end in another loss for them. Epsilon are strong on dust2 beating NiP on the map 16-8 recently. The last game that these two teams played against each other was on the 19/9 on dust2 where fnatic won 16-4. Epsilon is using a stand in once again due to Uzziis DDoS issues. In my personal opinion I think that fnatic can win this even if it is on their less favoured dust2 map, and a mix team map which could go in Epsilons favour. This will be close, but the Swedes will win, 16-12.

20:00 CPH Wolves vs. loser of NiP/LDLC

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Going off what we have predicted before NiP would be playing against CPH Wolves in this game. If this is the case we could very well see a win for NiP, I think CPH Wolves are good, but NiP will be able to beat them, especially in a best of three. The sheer individual class for NiP should carry them to victory. My skins are on NiP, 2-1.

21:00 Epsilon vs. NiP

FACEIT Season 2

Dust2 is a good map for NiP they’ve recently beaten Isak 16-8, Epsilon 16-8 and 16-14 back at Gfinity 3 against Epsilon again. This best of one will be good to watch, it could go either way. I’m split between these two teams, I wouldn’t bet much on either team. If I had to pick one, my money would be on NiP, that may be a little fan boying but also because they have beaten Epsilon before on dust2 so why can’t they do it again? 16-13 NiP.

22:00 fnatic vs. LDLC

FACEIT Season 2

This best of one will be played on cache which fnatic have won their last three games on cache in a row against 3DMAX 16-4, dignitas 19-16 and 16-8 against LDLC themselves. This shouldn’t be a game that fnatic will lose. I’m going to say it will be another 16-8 to fnatic like their last game against each other yesterday.

07:00 HellRaisers vs. myXMG

Game Show LAN Finals

A best of three in the LAN finals, HellRaisers haven’t been on form recently compared to myXMG but myXMG have had harder games to play with some confidence boosting overtimes against LDLC and Epsilon. The last time these teams played each other in a LAN final was SLTV StarSeries X where HellRaisers won both games 16-8. I’m going to predict the same thing will happen. HellRaisers will win the first two maps with myXMG getting around 10 rounds each game.

11:00 Na`Vi vs. Virtus.pro

Game Show LAN Finals

The second best of three at Game Show sees Na`Vi and Virtus.pro battle it out. Due to the recent arrival of a little pasha he will not be attending this LAN final and will be replaced by MICHU. This will be an exciting best of three game that could go either way as the last time these two teams played each other Virtus.pro won 16-13 but without pasha could this be what Na`Vi need to get those extra couple of rounds to take the win? It could be, and for the sake of the spectators I hope it could. This will be close, both teams will take a map. I’m going to put my bet on Virtus.pro to win, I think they’ve been practising hard with both pasha and MICHU online and could have a few tricks up their sleeves.




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