Predictions for Game Show LAN Finals and Fragbite Masters s3 – 4/10


Once again GameShow LAN games are on at a stupid time in the morning but we can let them off slightly as it is a weekend, nobody has to go to work stopping them from watching. We also see action from the Fragbite Masters Season three. So let’s get predicting.

07:00 myXMG (10%) vs. (90%)

GameShow LAN Finals should have no problem beating the weak myXMG team even with their stand in for pasha. They’re simply in two different leagues, it’s like Oldham Althetic playing against Barcelona, Barcelona is going to win every time. 2-0

11:00 HellRaisers (40%) vs. Na`Vi (60%)

GameShow LAN Finals

The final for all the marbles both teams will be fighting to win; we’re not going to see a 2-0 trouncing. The battle of the AWPs will be amazing to watch, s1mple vs. GuardiaN. Whoever wins this and controls the map will be able to take the victory I think. This could go either way but my money’s on Na`Vi in a close 2-1 thriller.

17:00 dignitas (95%) vs. PlanetKey Dynamics (5%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Even though the PlanetKey team is built of strong German players who have had decent wins in the past two games I don’t think they’ll be able to beat the absolute beasts that are dignitas. There’s no way PlanetKey are going to win this, 16-5 dignitas.

19:15 Na`Vi (54%) vs. mousesports (46%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Fresh from Game Show LAN I don’t think Na`Vi will be too up for playing this, they will be tired and depending on their game earlier in the day will be emotional. If they can hold these nerves they could very well take this game, however tough it may be. Na`Vi haven’t lost a game since they played on season and only lost 16-13. Since then they have beaten dAT, CPH Wolves and with a draw to OverGaming. The last time these two teams played, Na`Vi won 16-13. I’m going to predict that something very similar will happen again. 16-13 Na`Vi will be my prediction.




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