Game Show LAN Finals, ESWC and Fragbite Masters Predictions – 5/10


Here we’ll predict and tell you who to bet on in all the matches on the 5th October.

07:00 (75%) vs. HellRaisers (25%)

Game Show LAN Finals

This consolation final is a best of three match with the winner going against Na`Vi in the Grand Final. Despite having a stand in playing at this LAN event I think they’ll be able to beat HellRaisers. Let’s compare the last results of both teams beat myXMG 2-0, whereas HellRaisers beat them 2-1 and got beat by Na`Vi 2-1 and HellRaisers got beat 2-0. are going to win this best of three 2-1.

11:00 Na`Vi (60%) vs. winner of (40%)

Game Show LAN Grand Final

Going off what we have previously predicted Na`Vi will be facing off against in a best of three without any advantage. First off, this will be a very close game, as are most grand finals. I think if any team will have the advantage is Na`Vi after beating before hand. My prediction will be 2-1 Na`Vi.

11:00 mousesports (55%) vs. 3DMAX (45%)

ESWC 2014 European Qualifier

This is a best of three game to determine who gets to attend ESWC 2014. This will be another close game against two very good teams. I feel like mousesports will have the edge, but that’s just my personal opinion. 3DMAX have had some great results recently beating dignitas in overtime and CPH Wolves 16-13. I think this will be a close win for mousesports because I think the individual skill of the mousesports lineup is just a little stronger. 2-1 mousesports.

18:15 Na`Vi (51%) vs. mousesports (49%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

Another best of three game, the last two times these teams played each other mousesports won, 19-17 and 16-9. However, after a strong finish at Game Show LAN Na`Vi could easily win this game. My money will be on Na`Vi but anything could happen. Either way the score will be 2-1, but I’m slightly favouring Na`Vi.




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