Predictions for the CSGO Legends Series #3 Game Tonight – 13/10


There is only one notable game on tonight, a best of five game for the CSGO Legends Series between fnatic and ESC. And even that doesn’t give us much to talk about in terms of who will win.

17:00 fnatic (90%) vs. ESC (10%)

CSGO Legends Series #3

The CSGO Legends Series is a tournament that sees two top teams play off in a best of five game worth $1,000 with the winners staying on each week.

This CSGO Legends Series will see the on form fnatic take on ESC, a team that isn’t known for being at the top of the EU scene. What will be interesting in this game is not whether or not ESC will win, but how many maps they will take. I don’t think there’s any way of ESC being able to beat fnatic in a best of five match, they simply don’t have the skill or map range to win on three different maps. I think that fnatic will comfortably win this game, 3-1.

ESC haven’t looked strong against teams that they really could have beaten recently, for example, in the past five games they’ve been beaten by Titan 16-5 and PB 2-0. There is no doubt that ESC are a top Polish team, but they’re nowhere near the level of The last time fnatic and ESC played each other was on train in the SLTV StarSeries X where ESC were beat 16-5. A scoreline I’m expecting to see in this best of five tonight. All my skins are going on fnatic.

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