Predictions and Betting Advice for Tonight’s Fragbite Masters and Hitbox Arena Quarter Finals – 14/10


Tonight sees two important games in both the Fragbite Masters Season 3 and the Hitbox Arena Championship 3. Both games are best of three and both start at exactly the same time. I would recommend watching the dignitas vs. NiP game as that will be a lot closer and a higher level of Counter-Strike than the fnatic vs. CPH Wolves match. But either way, here’s our predictions for both games.

20:00 dignitas (65%) vs. NiP (35%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

This best of three, upper bracket quarter final of the Fragbite Masters Season 3 sees one of the most dominant teams in CSGO previously, NiP, play against a team that have dominated recently alongside fnatic, dignitas. dignitas have won the last five times these two teams have played against each other, NiP have not been able to take any more than 11 rounds against dignitas. The once undefeatable NiP have lost their last four games, with one of those four being against dignitas 16-9. dignitas have dropped the ball online for the past month or so and have only won their last two of five games which were against MTW and HellRaisers. Even though dignitas are suffering a little bit of a hiccup recently I think they’re able to beat NiP who have been in a complete slump the past few months. My prediction for this will be a 2-1 win for dignitas, but it will be an entertaining game which will hopefully see some close games.

20:00 fnatic (85%) vs. CPH Wolves (15%)

Hitbox Arena Championship 3

Another best of three quarter final, this time in the Hitbox Arena Championship between, arguably the best team in the world right now, fnatic and CPH Wolves, a team that have been together for ages but not quite been at the very top. These two teams have not played against each other recently, so let’s take a look at the previous games these two teams have played. In their past five games CPH Wolves have beaten small Norwegian teams but have lost to the top tier teams they have played, LDLC and NiP. fnatic have only lost one of their last five and that was against Virtus.Pro, whereas they beat dignitas, Property, HellRaisers and ESC last five games. I don’t think CPH Wolves are up to the standard of fnatic by any shot. But they could steal a map. I’d put all my skins or money on fnatic to win, CPH Wolves aren’t going to win. Whether they get a map or not, I don’t know, it depends how the VETO goes.

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