Predictions and Betting Advice for Tonight’s Fragbite Masters Season 3 Games Featuring LDLC, Mousesports, Fnatic and Titan – 15/10


There’s only two notable games going on tonight both of which are happening in the Fragbite Masters Season 3 tournament. Both games will be great to watch and they don’t overlap, so all night CSGO watching, perfect.

17:00 LDLC (60%) vs. mousesports (40%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

The first game tonight is a best of three Upper Bracket Quarter Final between LDLC and mousesports. The last three times these two teams have played LDLC have won, 16-9, 16-5 and 16-12 but, they have not played against each other with their new, complete LDLC lineup. LDLC are on form, winning their last five games against top teams such as NiP, Titan and Virtus.Pro. mousesports are on relative form, they’ve beaten Epsilon and Na`Vi but lost 16-5 to dignitas. I think this will be a close game but LDLC have the slight advantage as there have been talks about allu not being able to play for mousesports. My prediction is 2-1 to LDLC with some close 16-13 games within that best of three.

20:00 fnatic (60%) vs. Titan (40%)

Fragbite Masters Season 3

The second and final game of tonight is another best of three game in the Fragbite Masters Season 3 between two top teams at the moment. fnatic won the last online game between these two teams, but Titan won at DreamHack, albeit when olofmeister was ill. Both teams are on incredible form recently only losing one of their last five games, with both teams losing to Virtus.Pro.

These are very similar teams in terms of skill, so we can really only predict from the games they have previously played and our opinion of each team lineup. Both teams have beat dignitas, fnatic winning 16-6 and Titan 16-6. I’d personally bet on fnatic because their good run of form has lasted longer than Titans, but I think that everyone and the fnatic fanboys will bet on fnatic, if the odds are higher than 70% in fnatics favour I would put a small bet on Titan. My final prediction is 2-1 for fnatic but if the odds are incredibly high for fnatic put a small bet on Titan to win just in case they win the close rounds and get their favoured maps. This really will be a great game for spectators.

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