SLTV StarSeries XI Finals CSGO Predictions – 18/10


An early start for CSGO games this Saturday with the SLTV StarSeries XI finals in full  swing.

12:00 Titan (45%) vs. Epsilon (55%)

Epsilon have recently added a new player to their roster, MAJ3R, who has really impressed and has definitely brought Epsilon back to a top tier French Team. I think with their new roster change they could beat Titan in this best of three game, and they’ll be looking to do well in this finals weekend. My prediction will be Epsilon 2-1.

15:00 Na`Vi (40%) vs. LDLC (60%)

I think that LDLC really have a chance of winning the whole tournament, they’ve played really well recently and are the best team in France in my eyes. Previously these two teams have played the games have been incredibly close with a couple of draws inn the mix. I think that LDLC will be able to just steal this game with a 2-1 win in this best of three. They’ll be fired up to win the whole tournament and Na`Vi haven’t really been playing that well, losing to Epsilon, and even mousesports.

18:00 Titan (35%) vs. Winner of Na`Vi/LDLC (65%)

So with Titan winning the first game and the second game still going on now I think that Na`Vi or LDLC will be able to win this upper bracket final. Even though Titan beat Epsilon 2-0 I don’t think that they will be able to win this game, they looked shaky against Epsilon, Epsilon could and should have taken more rounds and at least a map. But Epsilon don’t seem to have enough or be confident enough in their strats, and with Titan struggling against them I would definitely choose Na`Vi or LDLC to win. Like I’ve said previously I think that LDLC will be able to win this game, and the whole tournament. So my money is on LDLC to win 2-1 against Titan.




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