Predictions for the Last Day of the SLTV StarSeries LAN Finals – 19/10


Today sees the finals of the SLTV StarSeries LAN in the Kiev take place between Titan, LDLC, Na`Vi and Epsilon. Here’s our predictions on who is going to win:

11:00 Epsilon (40%) vs. Na`Vi (60%)

Lower Bracket Final

This will be a close game, both teams lost 2-0 in their first final bracket game. I feel like Na`Vi are the more experienced and better skilled players and Epsilon haven’t really got the strats to be winning at this level of play. I think if you’re feeling lucky go for a small value bet on Epsilon, if not go with a large-ish bet on Na`Vi. I feel like Na`Vi are going to win, but it will be close. 2-1 Na`Vi.

14:00 Titan (50%) vs. Winner of Na`Vi/Epsilon (50%)

Consolation Final

If Epsilon wins the game against Na`Vi this best of three will go very much the same of the first knockout stage with Titan beating Epsilon. If our prediction goes right and Na`Vi play against Titan I think it will be a closer game than the 2-0 Titan win against Epsilon but I think that Titan will still be able to come back and beat Na`Vi. Although it will be incredibly close, 2-1 to either team.

18:00 LDLC (80%) vs. Winner of Consolation Final (20%)

Grand Final

Like I’ve previously said I think LDLC will win this LAN, they will have a map advantage coming in to this game making it incredibly easy for them to beat whoever progresses to this map. I don’t see LDLC losing this game at all, 2-0 LDLC.




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