FACEIT Season 2 CSGO Finals Predictions and Betting Advice – 24/10


These best of one games are the first stage of the FACEIT Season 2 finals weekend.

8:15 LDLC (70%) vs. Cloud9 (30%)

There’s not much information about the NA scene compared to the EU scene but I feel like LDLC are the stronger team. They’re more practised, they’ve beaten the best teams in the EU at the moment. I think that the French will be able to beat the Americans in the first game of the FACEIT finals, 16-12.

8:15 dignitas (45%) vs. fnatic (55%)

The last five times these two teams have played each other fnatic have won. I don’t think that this will change just because it is a LAN final. My prediction will be fnatic, 16-10. The only way dignitas have any chance is if they play Overpass.

9:45 Virtus.pro (55%) vs. LDLC (45%)

This will be a very close game, online LDLC have won the last two times they’ve played but these have been close, 16-14 and 16-21. I think Virtus.pro are a lot better on LAN than LDLC, the newer team of LDLC might not be able to keep a cool head under stress. My prediction is a 16-13 win for Virtus.pro.

9:45 iBUYPOWER (50%) vs. dignitas (50%)

Again, there’s not much data to prove that iBUYPOWER will beat dignitas, or vise versa. That being said I think that there might be some issues with iBUYPOWER coming over from the states, my guess would be a dignitas win. But again, this is purely off opinion and the fact that dignitas have had more competitive practise. 16-14 dignitas.

11:15 Cloud9 (20%) vs. Virtus.pro (80%)

Cloud9 aren’t going to be able to beat Virtus.pro on LAN, the Polish are on form at the moment and play even better on LAN. 16-9 VP.

11:15 fnatic (65%) vs. iBUYPOWER (40%)

The last time these teams played each other fnatic won, again I’m going to back the EU team in a EU vs NA game, due to the fact of jet lag, a stronger EU scene and more games being played competitively in the EU. 16-13 fnatic.

12:45 Cloud9 (30%) vs. LDLC (70%)

LDLC are probably one of the best teams in Europe at the moment, up there with Virtus.pro and fnatic. Cloud9 are one of the best teams in NA. But, I don’t think the North American scene is better than the European so I’m going to have to give this to LDLC, 16-11.

12:45 fnatic (55%) vs. dignitas (45%)

Again, I don’t think that this will change much from before, 16-10 fnatic.

14:15 LDLC (45%) vs. Virtus.pro (55%)

The map choice really doesn’t affect the outcome of this game, Virtus.pro 16-13.

14:15 dignitas (50%) vs. iBUYPOWER (50%)

This could go the way of iBUYPOWER, if they’ve recovered from the long trip over. I’m saying 50/50. Don’t bet on this game.

15:45 Virtus.pro (80%) vs. Cloud9 (20%)

Again, like before, Virtus.pro will win this game.

15:45 iBUYPOWER (35%) vs. fnatic (65%)

fnatic will win, they’re one of the best EU teams and iBUYPOWER and the NA scene isn’t strong enough for their best team to be better than one of the best EU teams. fnatic win.

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