FACEIT Season 2 Grand Final Prediction and Betting Advice – 26/10


The FACEIT Grand Final will determine who is the Season 2 winner, and possibly the best in the world. I think that if fnatic win, they can be crowned the best in the world, if iBP win they can be crowned the best in NA but logically, not the best in the world.

11:30 fnatic (65%) vs. iBUYPOWER (35%)

This is a best of five game which favours fnatic, they have a huge scope of maps they can choose from to win on. iBUYPOWER need to win three maps to be victorious in this which will be incredibly difficult, even if they were impressive against LDLC.

fnatic, in the past five times these two teams have played have not lost. I feel like this is a recurring trend. fnatic shouldn’t win this. But as iBUYPOWER showed in their game against LDLC they can surprise and they can upset. My money will be on fnatic to win 3-2.




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