Fragbite Masters Season 3 CSGO Lower Bracket Predictions and Betting Advice – 27/10


The only games being played tonight are Fragbite Masters Season 3 games between teams who did not participate in the FACEIT Finals LAN yesterday. Here’s our predictions and betting advice.

17:00 Na`Vi (40%) vs. Titan (60%)

Best of 3
Lower round 2
Fragbite Masters Season 3

Match was interrupted due to Titan’s internet issues (Oct 22nd)
1:16 (1:14; 0:2)
11:12 (9:6; 2:6)

Since Titan are already up a map and 12-11 in the second map, Mirage, I suspect that it won’t be too hard for Titan to close this game out and win. The final map is Inferno which I think will be an easy map for Titan to win as it is a very bias map for mix teams. However, if they start on the T side they could be in for a little trouble. My advice would be to put a medium bet on Titan, they definitely have the chance to win and are good online. But like any game, there is a risk. I wouldn’t bet anything you aren’t prepared to lose.

19:00 Mousesports (60%) vs. Winner of Na`Vi/Titan (40%)

Best of 3
Lower round 3
Fragbite Masters Season 3

This is an interesting game, I think if Titan progress to this stage they will struggle against mouz but if Na`Vi get to this stage they should be able to win this if they play like they do on LAN. I would put a small to medium sized bet on mousesports, they’ll definitely have the upper hand in this game having the advantage of being able to watch the game previous to this and work out some form of anti stratting tactic, whether that just be to ban one particular map. My skins are on mouz here. But like I said for the Na`Vi/Titan game, don’t bet anything you aren’t prepared to lose.

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