2014 ESWC France Grand Final Qualifiers Predictions and Betting Advice – 29/10


This is the last game of the 2014 ESWC France qualifers today but we see a huge list of ESWC games tomorrow so stay tuned for predictions on all of those! Anyway, here’s our predictions and betting advice for the lonely one game in ESWC 2014 France today.

15:00 Titan (40%) vs. LDLC (60%)

ESWC 2014 France

LDLC have been the best team in France by far for the past few months. I would argue that if they won the FACEIT championship they would have been crowned the best team in the world. This grand final is a best of three game with Titan having a one map advantage having come from the upper bracket. Even though Titan have this map advantage I don’t think they’ll be able to win another map, LDLC have been looking good and have won the last three games these teams have played against each other, 16-2, 16-4 and 16-6, hardly close scores. My skins will be on LDLC and I would expect good odds, overall score 2-1 LDLC. Both teams have qualified for the ESWC LAN regardless of the outcome of this match.




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