ESWC 2014 CS:GO Predictions and Betting Advice – 30/10


Today is the first day of ESWC 2014 in Paris. It plays host to a plethora of games, most of which are between lesser known teams but we do see some top teams face off against each other. Here’s our predictions:

11:30 Virtus.Pro (50%) vs. Cloud9 (50%)

This is the first game between two top teams at ESWC 2014 and all the games today will be best of one games. This is a close game, that could go either way, each team won one game in their recent match up at the FACEIT Finals. I feel like have the slight upper hand in this match so I wouldn’t bet a lot but a small bet on might be worth it. That being said, a bet on Cloud9 would also be worth it because the odds seem to be swayed towards meaning a small bet on C9 would return more. Like I’ve said this is a close match but my prediction will be 16-13 to

15:00 LDLC (65%) vs. Virtus.Pro (35%)

Now, LDLC are probably the second or third best team in the world right now, definitely in the top three so I don’t think the off form can beat them even if it is on LAN. LDLC have won the last four times these teams have played against each other. So, this will once again be a LDLC win, 16-9.

16:00 fnatic (60%) vs. Na`Vi (40%)

Another close game, this time of a slightly higher calibur. I feel like fnatic are the best team in the world right now but Na`Vi have been on form recently, and the past few times these teams have played the victor has differed every time. However, this is on LAN so I think that fnatic have the edge. My bet will be on fnatic to win 16-12.

17:00 Cloud9 (20%) vs. LDLC (80%)

The final game of the day between two top teams at ESWC 2014 and unfortunately I don’t think it will be a close one. I think that LDLC will be able to storm past Cloud9 in this best of one. LDLC are a top three team in the world whereas Cloud9 are top two NA. The North American scene is not as diverse as the EU scene so being top EU is a lot better than top NA, my bets are on LDLC, 16-8.




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