Fragbite Masters Predictions and Betting Advice


12:00 fnatic vs dignitas

Cajunb has been added to the dignitas lineup which has brought a new style of play and aiming to the team, improving dignitas in my eyes. Adding this new player to the lineup will give dignitas a fresh new look at their CS style. However, fnatic are ridiculously good at the moment, I would say the best in the world. I wouldn’t expect to see fnatic lose a best of three against a team that has recently changed their lineup, 2-1 fnatic.

16:00 LDLC vs.

This would be a very close match if didn’t have a standin, Snax is being replaced by MINISE for this event. This will disturb the lineup immensely, their whole LAN ritual and normal lineup will suffer. won’t be up to their usual standard. However LDLCs recent change of ingame leader will also change the way LDLC play, but they have had more time to prepare with that and it’s a smaller change. LDLC will win, 2-1.




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