Caseking King of Kings Tournament Day 1 Predictions and Betting Advice



Group A Group B
Cloud9 mousesports
Planetkey Dynamics Titan
Epsilon London Conspiracy


Caseking King of Kings schedule:

Tuesday, November 11
NiP vs. Planetkey Dynamics 17:00
Cloud9 vs. Epsilon 18:00
Upper Final 19:00
Wednesday, November 12
Lower Final 17:00
Consolidation Final 19:30
Thursday, November 13 vs. London Conspiracy 17:00
mousesports vs. Titan 18:00
Upper Final 19:00
Friday, November 14
Lower Final 17:00
Consolidation Final 19:30
Sunday, November 16
Semi-final #1 14:00
Semi-final #2 17:00
Grand final 19:30

17:00 NiP (75%) vs. Planetkey (25%)

The best of one game between the new lineup of NiP and the lower pro tier team Planetkey will be interesting. NiP need a good start with Maikelele and need a win against Planetkey. If NiP can’t beat Planetkey they will be in big trouble and Maikelele will be questioned. The Germans are a good German side but I don’t think they’re up to the standard of NiP and NiP will be looking for a win with their new addition to the team. 16-10 to NiP.

18:00 Cloud9 (75%) vs. Epsilon (25%)

Cloud9 have been playing well recently and are currently boot camping in Sweden. Epsilon haven’t been doing too well lineup wise, with fxy0 leaving and now the Epsilon lineup for this match will be different to any before with the expected lineup being: GMX, bistouflyy, Uzzziii, ScreaM, TBA. Cloud9 are definitely the stronger team here, they’re more consistent, they’re boot camping and they’re playing relatively well. My prediction will be a 16-7 win for Cloud9.

Upper Final

If all goes to our plan the final will be NiP vs. Cloud9. This will be a very good match to watch, NiP will have been practicing hard with their new fifth and Cloud9 have also been practicing hard at boot camp. This will be a tester map for both teams strats for Dreamhack. My prediction will be a NiP win, but this will be a close 16-14 win for NiP and will depend on the map a lot.




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