Caseking King of Kings Tournament Day 2 Predictions and Betting Advice



Group A Group B
Cloud9 mousesports
Planetkey Dynamics Titan
Epsilon London Conspiracy


Caseking King of Kings schedule:

Tuesday, November 11
NiP vs. Planetkey Dynamics 17:00
Cloud9 vs. Epsilon 18:00
NiP vs. Epsilon 19:00
Wednesday, November 12
Lower Final 17:00
Consolidation Final 19:30
Thursday, November 13 vs. London Conspiracy 17:00
mousesports vs. Titan 18:00
Upper Final 19:00
Friday, November 14
Lower Final 17:00
Consolidation Final 19:30
Sunday, November 16
Semi-final #1 14:00
Semi-final #2 17:00
Grand final 19:30

Planetkey (30%) vs. Cloud9 (70%)

Although Cloud9s dismal display against the struggling Epsilon was poor, I think Cloud9 will win here. Planetkey didn’t really turn up against NiP, now I don’t think it will be as clear cut as the NiP game but I do think Cloud9 will win.

Cloud9 have been performing recently and we should take the loss to Epsilon as an anomaly.


This will mean that the battle for second place in Group A will be against Cloud9 and Epsilon. Again, we should take the defeat last night as an anomaly and stick to what we said yesterday. Cloud9 are the better team and should win. But, like we saw last night, anything could happen.




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