Caseking King of Kings Tournament Day 3 Group B Betting Advice and Predictions



Group A Group B
Cloud9 mousesports
Planetkey Dynamics Titan
Epsilon London Conspiracy


Caseking King of Kings schedule:

Tuesday, November 11
NiP vs. Planetkey Dynamics 17:00
Cloud9 vs. Epsilon 18:00
NiP vs. Epsilon 19:00
Wednesday, November 12
Cloud9 vs. PlanetKey 17:00
Cloud9 vs. Epsilon 19:30
Thursday, November 13 vs. London Conspiracy 17:00
mousesports vs. Titan 18:00
Upper Final 19:00
Friday, November 14
Lower Final 17:00
Consolidation Final 19:30
Sunday, November 16
Semi-final #1 14:00
Semi-final #2 17:00
Grand final 19:30

17:00 (70%) vs. London Conspiracy (30%) have been playing very well recently, they came third at the fragbite Masters LAN with a standin and this game they should not have any lineup issues. On paper are miles better than the London Conspiracy team, more LAN experience, beat better teams more often and have won more prize money. On top of all this London Conspiracy has been away from the top of the scene for a few months now and could be rusty against top teams. Our prediction here will be a win, 16-7.

18:00 mousesports (40%) vs. Titan (60%)

These two teams have not played each other yet under the new Titan lineup. Individually I would say that the Titan lineup is slightly better than the mousesports lineup, but the team play that Titan has built up and their play style is a lot better than the mousesports’. My prediction will be a Titan win, but a close one, 16-13. I would recommend skipping this game or putting a low bet on Titan.

19:00 Upper Final

This upper final, if our predictions have been correct, will see and Titan face off against each other. In this event I would back the side, I think the Titan team aren’t up to Virtus.pros standards. The player skill isn’t much different but the side is more experienced with each other, they know how each other play and play as a team. Whereas Titan is a relatively new lineup and it’s not been going the best for them so I don’t think they’re that trusting of each other just yet. My prediction will be a win, 2-1.




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