BenQ All-Star Showmatch #2 Betting Advice and Predictions


There’s only one match on tonight, vs mousesports in the BenQ All-Star Showmatch, view our prediction below. How do you think the match will end? Give tell us in the comments below.

18:00 vs. mousesports

BenQ All-Star Showmatch #2

This is a best of three match against two teams who competed in the Caseking King of Kings tournament this past week, which won. Now, I don’t see mousesports being a top tier team that could win a major, but has won a major, ESL Katowice. So in terms of what each team has achieved outweigh mousesports incredibly. But I don’t think that this will reflect in the final score. Sure, will win, but I don’t think it will be easy and I don’t know if they will take this showmatch seriously. If they don’t, mousesports could win, if they do, mousesports don’t have a chance. My prediction will be a 2-1 win for, if VP don’t get ddossed and take the match seriously there’s no reason why they won’t win.




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