ESEA Season 17 Global LAN Finals Day 2 Predictions


There are four games going on today in the ESEA Season 17 Global LAN Finals. Here’s our predictions for each of them.

Virtus.Pro vs Cloud9

These two teams are highly liked in the CSGO scene with such personalities as pasza and n0thing, this is a match to watch. In terms of who is the better team, that’s They played well at Dreamhack, came a lot higher than Cloud9 and previously they have won a major. I’m expecting VP to get to the final of this tournament easily and without many hiccups.

fnatic vs Titan

Titan have come in to this tournament without KQLY because of his cheating past, which has lead them to play with their manager in this tournament. fnatic have their full lineup but after their drama at Dreamhack their morale will not be as high as usual. That being said, fnatic will win. They have five top class players, and Titan have four to class players with one manager. It’s effectively 5 v 4.5. Good luck to the Titan manager, I hope he plays well but he’s simply not up to the other players standards and will give fnatic a huge advantage.

iBUYPOWER vs mousesports

iBUYPOWER are another team with a standin, adreN. mousesports had an issue with visas for chrisJ but with that sorted, mouz have their full lineup. adreN is a good player, and will play well. But, I don’t think they will have many strats sorted. My prediction for this game will be a close win for mousesports. However I would not bet any high value items on this.

Denial vs eLevate

In the lower bracket these two American teams are very much level in terms of their play. I don’t know much about both teams as we do not cover the American scene a lot. I would choose eLevate to win, but that is only based off previous results.




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