Electronic Sports European Championship 2014 is Your Country Participating? Here’s the Full List of Teams


Registration for Electronic Sports European Championship 2014 has finished with 41 countries looking to participate in this year’s CS:GO equivalent of the World Cup, minus the 4 year wait.

ESEC 2013 saw Denmark beat France 3-1 at the LAN Finals, while Sweden and Kazakhstan finished 3rd-4th respectively.

The start of the new season, organised by E-Frag.net is slowly creeping up, and the signup phase is now finished.

Three new countries will be represented this year – Faroe Islands, Malta and Cyprus, while Switzerland, Luxembourg, Armenia and Andorra have not registered this time.

The usual top teams are all there, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and Russia, some with new captains, some with old ones.

Sweden will this year be led by fnatic’s Markus “pronax” Wallsten, while Denmark and France will see Jacob “Pimp” Winneche and Titan’s manager Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries, reprise their roles that led their countries to the LAN Finals previously.

Here is the full list of participating countries and their captains:

Denmark (Pimp)
France (NiaK)
Sweden (pronax)
Poland (Neo)
Russia (hooch)
Ukraine (s1mple)
Germany (nooky)
Spain (MusambaN1)
Netherlands (chrisJ)
Norway (vEndetta)
Kazakhstan (rafa)
Finland (allu)
Serbia (k1Ng0r)
United Kingdom (weber)
Portugal (fox)
Belgium (Ex6TenZ)
Slovakia (GuardiaN)
Hungary (FLASH)
Estonia (nuga)
Romania (CRAZY)
Czech Republic (KAPARZO)
Italy (kIMERA)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (NiKolinho)
Bulgaria (spyleadeR)
Turkey (marqnue)
Austria (FLH)
Greece (tsack)
Belarus (Flex)
Ireland (NeiL_M)
Croatia (anakintm)
Latvia (blody)
Lithuania (drg)
Macedonia (kalaN)
Israel (fracsteR)
Montenegro (ZEEERYX)
Slovenia (n1nnx)
Iceland (kruzer)
Moldova (JUMPERJkE)
Malta (sixOku)
Faroe Islands (wreckz)
Cyprus (Inso)

The captains now have a little over two weeks, until July 30th, to determine their 10-man rosters.




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