Gfinity London Preview and Schedule


Gfinity is now so close we can taste it. An almost none-stop weekend of epic Counter-strike from 9am to 9pm Saturday morning through Sunday evening. Tomorrow sees the start and conclusion of the group stages, followed by the Quarters, Semis and Finals on Sunday to declare the winner of $20,000 and an invite to ESWC.

The best teams in the world are going to be in London fighting it out, including iBUYPOWER from the States,, Titan, Dignitas, and of course NiP, as well as our home teams fm-eSports and Infused.

Now since this is a UK eSports focused website, we have to talk about how well our home sides can realistically do at Gfinity. Since this is the first and only international UK-hosted event of 2014 and since the support is so lackluster for UK-based teams in our scene, it is the first time this year that our players have a genuine opportunity to compete against the best international sides in the world (because who wants to send our teams abroad, besides previous fm-eSports?).

The teams representing us at this event, Infused and fm-eSports, have only recently been seen in action playing against each other in the Dignitas cup and ESL UK cups so nobody is expecting them to get out of groups tomorrow. Do I think they can beat anyone? Not really. If fm-eSports play out of their minds there is potential for upset against mouz but things are looking really grim for Infused who are going up against NiP, iBUYPOWER and Titan.

Kicking off the event is fm-eSports vs Mousesports on the main stage at 9am and NiP vs Epsilon running alongside so make sure you get an early night and get up bright and early for an awesome weekend of CS action!

August 2nd – Saturday
9:00 BST – fm!eSports vs. mousesports
9:00 BST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Epsilon e-Sports
9:00 BST – Fnatic vs. iBUYPOWER
10:30 BST – Infused Gaming vs. London Conspiracy
10:30 BST – vs. ESG!
10:30 BST – Titan eSports vs. Team Dignitas
12:00 BST – Epsilon e-Sports vs. Fnatic
12:00 BST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Infused Gaming
12:00 BST – London Conspiracy vs. iBUYPOWER
13:30 BST – ESG! vs. Team Dignitas
13:30 BST – mousesports vs.
13:30 BST – fm!eSports vs. Titan eSports
15:00 BST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Fnatic
15:00 BST – ESG! vs. mousesports
15:00 BST – Infused Gaming vs. iBUYPOWER
16:30 BST – Titan eSports vs.
16:30 BST – Fnatic vs. London Conspiracy
16:30 BST – Team Dignitas vs. mousesports
18:00 BST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. iBUYPOWER
18:00 BST – Infused Gaming vs. Epsilon e-Sports
18:00 BST – ESG! vs. fm!eSports
19:30 BST – vs. Team Dignitas
19:30 BST – Fnatic vs. Infused Gaming
19:30 BST – Epsilon e-Sports vs. London Conspiracy
21:00 BST – Titan eSports vs. ESG!
21:00 BST – fm!eSports vs. Team Dignitas
21:00 BST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. London Conspiracy
22:30 BST – Epsilon e-Sports vs. iBUYPOWER
22:30 BST – fm!eSports vs.
22:30 BST – mousesports vs. Titan eSports

August 3rd – Sunday
9:00 BST – Quarter-final #1
11:00 BST – Quarter-final #2
13:00 BST – Quarter-final #3
15:00 BST – Quarter-final #4
17:00 BST – Semi-final #1
19:00 BST – Semi-final #2
21:00 BST – Grand final




dezje has been an active part of the UK CS scene for numerous years, he knows the ins and outs of the community and will be writing to both inform and entertain you.

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