ESL CSGO Fantasy League for ESL Cologne


Today ESL has announced it’s Fantasy League for CSGO in time for the ESL One Cologne CSGO Championships. ESL already supports League of Legends and Starcraft 2 for its fantasy league but now you can enjoy picking your dream-team of players for the upcoming $250k tournament.

To get started head over to where you can sign in using the variety of social networks or your ESL account. You can then make your own team, give it a silly name, and start picking players. Each player from a selection of 80 present at Cologne have an associated ‘cost’ and you have a budget of 5,500 virtual dollars to spend on those players to fill out your team.

All players have in-depth statistics and every day the prices of the respective players will be adjusted based on their performance; the rosters will also unlock allowing you to change out your lineup again as you please. Your players earn points such as +1 for a kill, +1 for an assist, +3 for an ace, +2 for a quad kill, -1 for a death and so on. A leaderboard will be available so you can see how your team fares compared to your friends teams.




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