mouseports, fnatic, HR and Na`Vi to Take Part in SLTV Finals


The four finalists have already been determined for the SLTV finals event on August 30-31 with four matches left in the SLTV StarSeries X.

mousesports took the regular season victory with a top performance from allu, finishing in second place with ten wins and only two losses were the new roster of fnatic. The third team who also had double digit wins were HellRaisers – who forfeited their final game to mouz, but still progress to the finals. Finally, the defending champions Na`Vi only just made it through to the finals drawing with with a 9-1-4 record, but won the tiebreaker over them.

Titan also fell short after starting the season with only one win to three losses and couldn’t quite recover, finishing 9-0-5 overall one point away from Natus Vincere and

Four more matches remain in the regular season and will not affect the teams through to the finals, these include:
18:00 Berzerk vs. OnBots
19:00 Berzerk vs. Nostalgie
20:00 OverGaming vs. ESC
21:00 mousesports vs. Epsilon

The opening round match-ups at the finals will be as follows:
mousesports vs. Natus Vincere
fnatic vs. HellRaisers




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