Dignitas Conquer Epsilon in Quarter Finals


The first map will be dust2, with Epsilon on T side and Dignitas on CT. In the pistol round we see Epsilon push short straight in to a perfect 3A positioning by Dignitas, and Dignitas take the round without letting the bomb go down. Epsilon then take the CZs and win the second half with a perfect mid to B push after finding Dignitas not watching mid. Dignitas eco to make it 3-1 Epsilon.

With over 200,000 viewers Dignitas then bring it back to 5-3 after a strong B retake, an ecobash, nice teamwork to stop Epsilon in their tracks at long and another ecobash.

The first half goes to Dignitas 11-4 after a sensational CT half shut out not allowing Epsilon to get close to winning a round never mind the half.

Epsilon then take the all important pistol round to make it 11-5, can they lock it down and start the comeback? 11-6. However, Dignitas take down two silly pushers from Epsilon giving them the B bombsite and winning them the round, 12-6. Epsilon come back again and win the next round then the eco round taking it to 12-8.

Dignitas take it to 15-9 after a few close rounds and eco rounds. Epsilon have a couple of weapons saved for the match point, if they don’t win now, we’ll be seeing Inferno very soon. Dignitas rush in to B bombsite and just overwhelm Epsilon taking the first map 16-9.


Next map is Inferno, a map that Dignitas is very strong on, especially CT side, however they do start T side. Epsilon will be looking to get that moment going and carry it through to their T side.

Dignitas take the first round despite a huge 2v1 clutch by GMX on the A bombsite. Dignitas then converts the eco rounds to take it to 3-0 Dig.

Another two rounds go in the favour of Dignitas making it 5-0, maybe their T side is stronger than Epsilon first anticipated. Epsilon take out all of the Dignitas players once again but, like the first round, they could not get the defuse off and goes down 6-0.

When will this slaughter stop, Dignitas take the B bombsite for the first time in the game, 7-0. A lovely A fake to take B by Dignitas once again sees them win another round. This is Dignitas’ map, do not play them on Inferno.

As soon as we say that, Epsilon bring it back to 8-1, maybe a glimmer of hope for the French. Nope, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, 12-1.

This is just a Dignitas party, they’re loving this map. They look unstoppable. Fetish going for knife kills in the 14th round too. Epsilon go aggressive in the final round, something they’ve needed to do all game, however they could not convert. 14-1 half time.

Epsilon take the pistol round, if they come back to win this map, I’ll eat my shirt. 14-3, nearly there. 14-4. Epsilon take B and hold to take it to 14-5. Fetish hitting one right click knife on Epsilon but not converting the tag. Epsilon then take another round 14-6.

Again going towards the B bombsite Epsilon stutter as they go in but get the bomb down. After some resistance from Dupreeh Epsilon take him down to take it to 14-7. Is this the comeback we’re all hoping for?

Epsilon switch it up and go A. However, does not pay off for them. Maybe they should stick to the tried and tested B bombsite take. 15-7.

The B take comes back in to the fray, and once again Epsilon win the round. Dignitas buy one awp with everyone else buying pistols, the awp gets two frags as Epsilon move towards B once again. Dignitas win. 16-7. That eco awp buy definitely paid off.





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