LDLC Upset – Virtus.pro Are Out!


Dust2, mirage and nuke will be the maps played in this match up between LDLC and Virtus.pro. Virtus.pro are the favoured team coming in to this but everyone will be wanting LDLC to cause an upset.

LDLC push through mid to B and easily take the first round against VP, LDLC also take the second round with little player loss. Another great round for LDLC with an early pick from apEX on to Snax at short allowed them to take the game to 4-0.

VP get taken down on their eco to make it 5-0, with pasza being able to buy an awp next round where it’s guns vs guns. Virtus.pro get themselves on the board, 5-1. Virtus.pro get another round 5-2 however, LDLC can still buy even after losing two rounds in a row, both with guns.

5-3 Virtus.pro start to bring it back to a level playing field, LDLC buying once again. pasza opens up the round with a huge kill through a smoke in mid with the awp, follows it up with two more and surely this round is VPs. pasza wins the round on his own with the ace. LDLC finally save and VP have leveled it out, 5-5.

pasza gets taken down early in the round and LDLC capitalise with a round win. Smart play allows LDLC to get in to the B bombsite ending up in a 3v1 against byali, byali gets two but can’t win the round, 7-5 LDLC.

Another round to LDLC and they’re looking really strong on this T side on dust2. But pasza gets one with a scout and LDLC players fall, 5v2, 5v1. VP win the round with an eco-scout buy. 8-6. LDLC try to do the same back to Virtus.pro with a few pistols, galil and AK, but can’t do it and the half ends at 8-7 in favour of LDLC.

VP push B in the first pistol round, get the bomb down and take the pistol making it 8-8 and then VP converts the eco rounds to make it 8-10. pasza once again gets fragging with two in the B bombsite giving VP the bombsite and ultimately the round.

Snax opens the next round with a pick through mid door, but KQLY replies with a 3man CZ spray down. VP wins the round in the end to take it to 8-12. Another great round by VP gives them the 13th round with pasza already having 21 kills in this game.

LDLC bring it back with a couple of nice rounds to make it 13-10 in favour of Virtus.pro. Another eco bash takes the game to 13-11. LDLC will be feeling confident to keep the momentum going and get level then win the game.

VP get in to the A bombsite in a 2v2, LDLC get taz but Snax brings it back and wins the round for VP, 14-11. LDLC get aggressive and pick off VP, trying to make something happen for their team. VP push through mid to find a strong resistance from LDLC, they get the bomb down but lose the round. 14-12.

Pistols come out from Virtus.pro which will take the game to 14-13. Virtus.pro push through mid again, and like before LDLC shut them down, a mistake by VP in my books. The Poles now have to eco and play for the draw. 15-14 LDLC.

The peak mid by VP downs Snax, so they rotate to A for the push. Trades all round, with a 3v2, turning in to a 1v1. pasza vs KQLY. KQLY gets a jumping 1 usp to win the game for LDLC. Absolutely ridiculous.


Mirage up next, a map that Virtus.pro are practised in, this is going to be hard for LDLC.

LDLC start CT, Virtus.pro T with LDLC getting the first frag of the round. Virtus.pro group up and rush B with a nice hold by LDLC giving them the round. 1-0 LDLC. VP smoke up A and get the bomb down allowing them to buy the next round, 2-0 LDLC. VP decide against buying,, with one a few p250s and CZs. LDLC win the round without losing a man.

Now the buy round, LDLC predict the A push by Virtus.pro and take them down only losing two players to VP building up a very good economy and ruining VPs. VP eco, giving the 5-0 lead to LDLC.

The next buy round goes to a 3v2 in favour of VP in the A bombsite with VP taking it and getting their first round on the board. LDLC going aggressive, especially in that upper B apps forcing Virtus.pro to go towards A with their smokes. But it’s a fake, the VP team have two players in B with the bomb. Perfect execution from Virtus.pro to bring it back to 5-2.

apEX, constantly going aggressive, gets a pick but also gets taken down. VP in a 3v3 push the A bombsite with two LDLC players at there but smoke them out and pick them off one by one, great play by Virtus.pro, 5-3.

LDLC now have to eco and stack B giving VP the A bombsite and the 5-4 scoreline, but taking two AKs. LDLC push A palace but finds two VP players, VP push A to bring it to a 3v3. With a nice retake the French force themselves back to the site and defuse the bomb. 6-4 LDLC.

Pushing A again with smokes Virtus.pro get knocked down to a 2v2 with the bombsite, bomb down it goes to a 2v1 with neo the last alive. He gets the bomb down but can’t hold the site and gives LDLC the 7-4 lead. VP come out with a mix buy, but it doesn’t convert, the French whittle them down and don’t let VP plant the bomb. LDLC are looking incredibly strong on this CT side Mirage. An eco comes out from Virtus.pro with Snax saving an awp until the very last second when he gets taken down after getting two frags in B, 9-4.

LDLC become passive after their aggressive burst of rounds. Virtus.pro push towards B and swarm the site forcing Happy to save the M4 taking us in to the last round of the half. The final round is slow, a couple of picks here and there but no push, just patience testing. 3v3 with two VP players low. Virtus.pro run out of time and LDLC take the half 10-5.

The pistol round of the second half, LDLC just run through connector to jungle to B like a bulldozer, no messing about they absolutely smashed VP in that round, 11-5. pasza with the scout gets a huge jumping headshot, takles out a second with this scout eco buy. LDLC push B for a 2v2, taken down to a 1v1. taz vs Happy, both low but Happy takes it from an unlucky peak by taz.

Timeout called by Virtus.pro for three minutes. They talk everything through, they rebuild, they get hyped up and get back the fire to win. 13-5 Virtus.pro need to win this buy round. byali gets two without losing a hit point. KQLY walks right in front of the VP players after walking all the way round from B. Happy to clutch in a 5v1, doesn’t happen and VP are right back in this game, the momentum has been broken.

LDLC eco rush A, taz gets four and neo cleans up, 13-7. Virtus.pro rotate to B while LDLC rotate to A, taz gets two as LDLC push in to A. Maniac last one alive, sat in a smoke on site. But can’t do anything and gets taken down to leave the game 13-8.

Virtus.pro once again lock it down and Maniac is the last one alive again vs 3 VP players, he gets one but nothing more, VP are on the comeback. LDLC have to eco but pasza is the first to die. LDLC push A and turn it in to a 2v2, but can’t do anymore than that with VP locking them out, 13-10.

pasza goes aggressive getting the opening pick, LDLC replies on to Snax and push through to B. neo holds but again Maniac in a 1v1 with pasza on B, he fake plants and takes out pasza. VP need to win this next round to both stop the draw and regain momentum.

Virtus.pro hold again on a force buy, definitely a confidence booster and could be the round that takes them over the edge to win this game themselves, 14-11. LDLC buy one awp and CZs/p250s. taz and byali hold the A site even after a couple of opening frags from LDLC keeping them in the game. Trade kill after trade kill, LDLC take B, 2v2 with a retake for VP and they can’t do it. LDLC win the round, 15-12. Virtus.pro have to force buy.

apEX absolutely rips apart the Virtus.pro defense, LDLC swarm A bombsite from both connector and main. LDLC win, Virtus.pro are out in the quarter finals. The giants have fallen.





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