NiP Edge In Front of Cloud9 on Nail Biting 3rd Map Cobblestone


NiP vs Cloud9, the giants in Europe vs the American titans. We’re going to see Nuke first, then Dust2 and finally Cobblestone. This could be a win for Cloud9, with NiP not wanting to play Dust2 and looking weak on Cobblestone against Epsilon.

The first pistol round NiP find themselves in a 2v1 against seangares, and finally take him down to give them the 1-0 lead early on. Cloud9 buy pistols and armour in the second round, including head armour on some players and manages to get in a 3v2 situation in favour of NiP, saving a galil and CZ and head armour.

seangares accidently buys a famas but it turns out for the better for Cloud9 with a third round win, making it 2-1. NiP have now bought three AKs and two CZs definitely looking to take the game to Cloud9 and be aggressive.

NiP get in to a 4v3 situation on the lower bombsite but run out of time and shroud holds to give Cloud9 the round, 2-2. The Americans then win the eco to bring it to 3-2. Get_Right loses a 2v1 after Cloud9 didn’t face and stayed defensive, 4-2. NiP eco to make it 5-2 C9.

Cloud9 stack 3 outside and get caught on the upper bombsite after some nice smokes by NiP, 5-3. Some great smoke spamming by the Americans give them some picks before NiP take the lower site giving them a 4v3 after plant situation, finally ending with Xizt in a 1v1 vs Hiko. Hiko wins.

NiP brings it back to 6-4 in favour of Cloud9 forcing Cloud9 to eco buying one mag7 and one m4. Friberg gets a huge spam through main on to Hiko to open the fragging, seangares goes down too, leaving Cloud9 with no guns, only pistols. Another eco by Cloud9 lets NiP bring the game to a level playing field, 6-6.

NiP push the lower bombsite via ramp right in to a strong Cloud9 hold and can only dispatch of one American before losing the round, 7-6. NiP switch it up again going aggressive outside getting one pick early on but Cloud9 reply with three.

The aggressive play continues with an upper rush from the terrorists, kill after kill, but it lands with a 1v1 Get_Right vs Hiko with a nice jumping flick by Get_Right to finish the half. 8-7.

In the first pistol round of the second half we see Cloud9 rush ramp and go round towards heaven, they meet Fifflaren and take him down, giving them access to the upper site and they win the round, 9-7 C9. Get_Right bags himself a gun however, it’s no resistance to C9 and their head armour, NiP save. The save pays off as NiP kill 3 out of 5 players from Cloud9.

The first buy round sees Cloud9 leave the timer til the very last seconds before killing all of the NiP team after a clever fake at door. NiP now save and it’s 13-7. Cloud9 take it slow in the next buy round until 23 seconds when they rush upper and get slaughtered by NiP.

Again a very slow advance by Cloud9 towards the lower bombsite this time. They have one chance to get the bomb down, no fake plants here. The bomb goes down with seconds to spare. Cloud9 take it, barely. 14-8.

NiP save to try and get the draw on their favoured map, Nuke. NiP have to force buy in this last round even after saving, two famas’, little nades and only one defuse. Cloud9 take outside and push uppers to take the match, 16-8.


The second map we see is Dust2, a really open map that can go either way. NiP are on T side, C9 CT. NiP open the fragging in this half on to n0thing. Then the kills come rushing through 5v1 against Hiko. Hiko gets a ridiculous flick shot on to Get_Right in mid. That’s something you need to watch on the VoDs later. 1-0 NiP.

2-1 to NiP, winning the first eco round and Cloud9 just winning the second after a forced buy by C9 and a close defuse.

NiP take the fourth round winning 3-1 putting Cloud9 on an eco once again. 4-1 to NiP and Cloud9 have to force a buy, some people without head armour, a couple of famas buys. NiP push long and lose 4 players, with f0rest the last alive with an awp. Gets one, and another with the CZ but n0thing doesn’t have a kit and loses the round. Great play by f0rest, 5-1.

Cloud9 save apart from n0things AK from the previous round, almost letting NiP in to the bombsite. Cloud9 lose the round but save two AK47s. Semphis opens the round with a nice mid pick on to Fifflaren. B taken by NiP with a 4on2 in favour of NiP, Cloud9 will be saving. Get_Right gets a huge AK headshot to pit against the awp to take it away. Shroud does save the awp in the end, 7-1.

Semphis again, getting that first kill in the first few seconds of the round. That can’t be good for NiPs morale. There’s the second round for the Americans, 7-2. n0thing pushes mid with the m4 and wins that battle, C9s mid control is unstoppable. NiP push A and can’t beat Cloud9 in the aim battles and it’s 3-7 NiP.

Cloud9 try to hold mid again from a more defensive standpoint but NiP figure it out and push short on to A. But Cloud9s retake was too strong, NiP didn’t clear the bombsite fully and suffered.

f0rest brings out some ridiculous shots with the AK, but can’t win the clutch and it goes to 7-5. NiP bursts out of mid and B to take the B site. It happened with lightning speed Cloud9 had no chance and they try save 2 weapons, awp and m4, but NiP hunt them down.

C9 push B tunnels but have to push back after a nice nade from lowers. NiP get picked off but take the B bombsite and only just get the bomb down in time with one player left, 8-6 NiP. Semphis pushes mid to try and get another pick but misses his shot in to lowers. seangares gets a nice kill while flashed with the awp. NiP push towards seangares, but he can only get one kill. NiP get picked off and loses the last round of the half. Cloud9 are a clutch team, they are comeback kings. 8-7 first half in NiPs favour.

f0rest is dropped by n0thing in mid within the first few seconds of the pistol round. Cloud9 run a spawn drop from short, B split strat. NiP retake B incredibly well and take the pistol, 9-7.

NiP buy an awp in the third round to counter the early buy by Cloud9. NiP give Cloud9 the A bombsite and run an A retake strat which works incredibly well with NiP only losing two players in the round.

Cloud9 force the buy and push in to NiPs aim on short through a smoke into a molotov. NiP win convincingly and Cloud9 have to eco now, 12-7 NiP. C9 eco rush long getting two kills. Semphis takes down the autosniper of Xizt, f0rest also goes down and Cloud9 swarm mid to B with friberg only managing to get one kill on the masses. Get_Right in a 4v1 tries for exit kills to hurt the C9 economy, 13-8 NiP.

The next round sees Cloud9 dry rush A catching the awp of Fifflaren off guard and get the bomb down. Leaving a 2v1 with shroud who takes out both NiP players, winning the round. NiP eco and only manage to take one weapon from the Americans, 13-10.

Semphis walks through middle but gets taken out, this allows C9 to push in to A with a 5v4 retake coming in from NiP. NiP lose 3 out of 5 players in the retake with 1 of the final two going down to low hp. A crucial round for NiP to win. If they had lost that C9 could easily have come back. 14-10.

Cloud9 once again push short. Get the bomb down but the NiP retake is too strong. NiP win the round only losing one player. Cloud9 force the buy to try and salvage the match. Cloud9 go aggressive long and manage to push NiP back to the A site. Shroud get a nice headshot on to Fifflaren with the awp in A site from pit. 3v3 A retake for NiP. The galil of seangares takes out two with the awp at long finishing the round up, 15-11.

NiP now have to eco, friberg picks up an early kill. Cloud9 push long, and NiP run the retake again. Two pistols vs AK and awp, Cloud9 win the round but not without their economy taking a little hit first.

Cloud9 take short, NiP decide against the retake and save two m4s, 15-13. Surely Cloud9 can’t come back, once again. NiP eco for the last round to try and win 16-14. Two m4s that have been saved will be up. NiP may save in this, 4v2. Now only Xizt left saving an m4, gets taken out after picking up two frags against C9.

The final round, 15-14. NiP win this round they take the map and we go to Cobblestone. Cloud9 win the round and we go to overtime and we may not see Cobblestone. Cloud9 push mid to B n0thing dies to a molotov. 3v2 in favour of NiP, retaking the B site. f0rest opens the fragging, Fifflaren finishes it up. We’re going to see Cobblestone. NiP win this map, just, 16-14.


Next map, Cobblestone. This comes down to who has played the map more. NiP gets some nice pop flashes off but Cloud9 take the first round on the CT side. NiP has definitely done their homework on this map bringing out some nice smokes, pushing the B bombsite. However, Cloud9 take the round with the guns.

NiP once again push the B bombsite and take down two CT players with seangares getting taken down after buying an aug. 2v2 down to a 2v1 with semphis having an awp. NiP take it. 2-1 Cloud9.

f0rest gets an early awp pick in mid, with NiP walking towards A. NiP push the A bombsite and take it, it’s a 2v1 in favour of NiP. shroud the one C9 player left taken down by f0rest with the awp. This map is an awpers paradise. C9 save for this round giving NiP the 3-2 lead, but not after Cloud9 take out 3 NiP players and save an awp.

With this map being so easy to rotate for the CTs Cloud9 send all their members over to the A site while NiP push in and it pays off, 3-3. This is a heavily CT sided map which anywhere in the region of 5-7 rounds T side is good.

NiP get three entry frags on to C9 with Get_Right coming behind and getting one, but not the second. It’s 4v1 with only shroud alive with an awp. NiP are chasing, shroud gets one and then dies, not saving the awp. Cloud9 now have to eco and NiP should take another round, 5-3.

Cloud9 buy up with an awp and aug, NiP all AKs and one awp. NiP push B in the late round and can’t penetrate the hold and rotate of Cloud9. This round NiP push in to B fast taking down semphis and n0thing. Get_Right once again in behind C9 getting one. seangares replying with an awp kill and dieing in the end, to Fifflarens AK.

Next we see an eco from C9 trying to push but NiP sit and hold in the small hidey holes on the B apps, 7-4. NiP rush straight in to a CT stack on the B bombsite. NiP lose the round only taking out one Cloud9 player.

Cloud9 now go aggressive to try and get another round to start their momentum. They trade but come out with only 3 players to NiPs 4. NiP get the entry frag in to B and swarm the site, semphis gets one but goes down, n0thing gets one, and another in a 1v1 against Get_Right and sprays him down before the round ends. 6-7 NiP.

NiP eco to give Cloud9 the level 7-7 score even after getting one kill and the bomb down. NiP buy up for the last round without an awp, Cloud9 have an auto sniper in B. Cloud9 stack four on B with NiP going towards A. semphis getting the first kill, which sparks kills everywhere. 2v1 Xizt vs shroud and seangares. Cloud9 win the clutch and finish the half 8-7. With this CT sided map seven rounds for NiP is enough as long as they have quick rotates on CT.

NiP start with a heavy B stack with 3 A players. Cloud9 rush out A and take 4 of the NiP players with only Get_Right to save the round. 9-7 Cloud9, winning the pistol. Get_Right buys a scout, so does f0rest. Fifflaren gets one, but does go down doing so. Friberg takes out the bomb planter and Cloud9 does not have enough time to recover the bomb and plant. Amazing play by friberg, 9-8.

The Swedes now buy up with Cloud9 only having the guns they saved from the round before. Fifflaren gets a couple of awp kills after being chased around the map by Cloud9 taking it to a 2v2. Get_Right the last alive after the bomb plant getting one but not the last.

The eco comes out from NiP with Get_Right buying a shotgun to get one kill and then take the bomb down. The map being so big the terrorists cant recover the bomb and get it down. The CTs win on their eco. This map isn’t suited to Cloud9s slow playstyle.

Cloud9 once again force buy, what we’ve seen from them so many times before. Fifflaren is having none of it going aggressive and getting an awp pick, f0rest joining in with two of his own. Get_Right bringing out the p90 and shroud is the only one left with his AK. Fifflaren takes him. Cloud9 now have to eco, 10-10. 11-10 NiP after the eco bash.

C9 rush in to the B site friberg gets one but nothing more. Xizt is at the back site with the autosniper. Cloud9 trying to make a double fake. 3v2 in favour of C9, the two snipers of NiP take out two C9 players but not it’s a 1on1 shroud vs Xizt. Whoever wins this, will probably go on to win the match. Shroud hides while the bomb timer goes out, NiP save an awp.

11-11 Cloud9 buy AKs, NiP have a mix buy of autosniper, awps, m4 and p90. NiP sit at the back of B site with their long range weapons, Get_Right holds close with the p90, a great set up by the Swedes. Cloud9 now have to eco, rushing up mid. NiP set up in connector and shut the rush down.

300,000 people watching NiP take Cloud9 to 13-11. Cloud9 take down Fifflaren but Get_Right gets three kills in return. seangares the last one alive for Cloud9 attempting to save the awp. 14-11 NiP.

C9 now have to buy CZs to go along with this awp to try and get some sort of weapons from the CTs. They rush in to B where the CTs are waiting. That connector back of B site cross fire once again from NiP but seangares puts his awp to use getting the back site player. f0rest crouching up close but shooting and missing C9 winning their eco buy.

NiP can’t choke like they so almost did previously. Cloud9 push towards A after picking up the kill in mid on f0rest. Fifflaren gets taken out on A and NiP save their weapons for a buy next round to try and get the 15-13 scoreline. Currently 14-13.

Fifflaren opens the round up with a pick on semphis. Cloud9 again push the A bombsite, 18seconds left for Cloud9 to get the bomb down and NiP lock it down winning the round and going to match point.

Cloud9 buy up with one awp, NiP also have an awp. Get_Right calls the B push from the terrorists, Xizt opens the kills gets one but can’t get much more. The terrorists get the bomb down and shut down the CTs. The comeback kings, C9, force NiP on to an eco buy and ultimately overtime.

f0rest is sat on the back of A bombsite getting one kill and trying to hold off the Ts the bomb has been dropped on the site with semphis miles away. Get_Right gets two kills to win the round for NiP. NiP showing why they have been one of the best teams in the world for such a long time.





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