Second Map – NiP Match Up Against Fnatic in the ESL One Cologne Grand Final


The grand final saw the maps Nuke and Mirage vetoed, leaving Cobblestone to be played first, NiP on terrorist, NiP choose Cache with Fnatic starting CT side and finally Inferno to be the decider with Fnatic as CT.

NiP won the first map, Cobblestone 16-11 so they came in to this second map extremely confident, especially on Cache that they have previously played a lot.

NiP took the first pistol round on Cache on the T side, Fnatic bought one scout and took the second round against NiP, 1-1. The A bombsite was the next to see action with smokes picture perfect from NiP allowed them to take the site and lock Fnatic out.

Again the terrorists smoked and pushed A but the mix buy from Fnatic was too strong and Fnatic forced the 2-2 scoreline. Fnatic shut NiP down from then on giving them six more rounds before NiP reply with only one of their own, 9-3.

KRIMZ started the 13th round off with a one shot on to f0rest in mid, which took the game to a 10-3 scoreline. The first half of the second map goes in the way of Fnatic, 11-4.

Fnatic then went on to win the second pistol round of the game, taking the game to 14-4. NiPs buy round couldn’t provide them with any resistance, the force buy however gave NiP four rounds to bring the game back to a more respectable score of 15-8. However, Fnatic win the second map with ease, 16-8.





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