CSGO Update for 18/9 Improves Tec9 and Adds Boiler to Inferno



  • Tec9: Improved accuracy and reduced recoil.


  • Added new spawn entities that can be placed in maps and are used and prioritized when playing arms race (info_armsrace_counterterrorist & info_armsrace_terrorist).
  • Fixed only one non-primary weapon showing on spectator player panels.
  • Improved performance as a spectator when the scoreboard was visible.


  • Improved dynamic shadow support.
  • Better detection of hardware capabilities to improve performance.
  • Added multi-threaded rendering support.



  • Added a boiler to boiler
  • Fixed a missing texture near Bombsite B

Rumor has it:


From u/SlothSquadren

Changes to the Tec-9

Old Tec-9:

InaccuracyFire                  52.88
RecoilMagnitude                 29

New Tec-9:

InaccuracyFire                  40.88
RecoilMagnitude                 25

Analysis: Spraying should be better now! “Improved accuracy” in the changelog is a bit misleading seeing as it could be mistaken for the first shot accuracy, which was not changed. My big issue with this gun still stands, though it has been lessened due to these changes. RecoilAngleVariance is set to 60, which is very high for a pistol. RecoilAngleVariance is how much horizontal recoil a gun has (RecoilMagnitude is the overall size of the recoil, which in turn also affects horizontal recoil). Because the Tec-9 is not fully automatic (you have to press for each shot) the recoil pattern is not consistent. This means that you are dealing with a large amount of completely unpredictable horizontal recoil that you cannot compensate for. This in addition to the inaccuracy from firing gives the gun the “bullets go everywhere except the enemy” trait. Decreasing RecoilAngleVariance from 60 to 10 in addition to the RecoilMagnitude change would have been the best solution in my opinion.

So enough with the rambling, is the gun worth using? Well it sports a much higher one shot kill headshot helmet range compared to the CZ75 Auto. It’s clip size also won’t leave you empty often. It’s stupidly accurate when moving. It’s first shot accuracy is better than the CZ…but in terms of damage output and spraying power the CZ beats the Tec9. I’d honestly give both guns a try now. Don’t feel ashamed to tap with the Tec-9 even though it sports a high fire rate.




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