Fifflaren Leaves NiP


Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson has chosen to leave the professional scene of CS:GO.

After being in the team that won every single LAN event from the start of CS:GO until 5th April 2013.

Here is what Fifflaren had to say about leaving NiP: “These past two years have been the experience of a lifetime, I’ve learnt so much, travelled all over the world and had a chance to get to know four amazing people who I am proud to call my friends. These are memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In addition to that, we got to rebuild the legendary NiP-brand and that is the heritage we leave behind us as we go further to realize other dreams in our lives.

No matter who takes my place, I sincerely hope that the team will play well and win, which has always been our ultimate goal and they truly deserve it. I want to thank my ex-teammates, the management of NiP who made it all possible, and a special thanks to all of my fans for the love and support over the years.”

Fifflaren has since been offered a place in the NiP organisation, but nothing has been officially written up for the individual.




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