Insomnia53 Sold Out – Panic for Teams Who Haven’t All Got Tickets


Today tickets for the Insomnia 53 LAN in Coventry starting on the 20th of November have been sold out. Rumour has it that one person in the TF2 community has bought approximately 70 tickets which depleted the ticket stock completely. But this is complete rumour and most probably is untrue.

This recent sold out announcement has seen UK CSGO teams panic, with people only having four players booked up, others only having one or two people booked up. The UK CSGO scene is in turmoil.

People are panicking and trying to get any tickets remaining that have come back on sale due to people who can no longer attend.

The best way of getting your ticket for i53 is by logging in to the website and buying a ticket how you would normally. This will put you on the waiting list and you will be the first person Multiplay contact with a free ticket. However, this has probably built up a queue by now.




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