Unofficial Insomnia53 Seedings


These seedings are our predicted seedings and will not be the final seedings. In brackets is how many people they have signed up to clanforge and will be playing, this may change tomorrow.

*vexstaR have planned to attend this event however do not have anyone signed up to clanforge as of yet, hence why they have been left out of the seedings.

  1. FM Toxic – nEiLZiNHo, Whindanski, RattlesnK, weber, mikeS
  2. Infused – redSNK, SHEEKEY, Puls3, ZED, fearLess
  3. TLR – vertiGo, ALIG, paynt, gintx, b3n
  4. Team XENEX – batham, keita, mini, kryptix, Jstar
  5. *vexstaR – r0m, twirl, dephh, LUMJI, TaffSteR
  6. Rasta.B2G – Truff, Dudley, CINDER, Jonny, kARMApangya
  7. Perilous Rage – Quiver Peakz luster Ash Razza
  8. OHYEA/Not Even Global – onscreen, vamp, AaroN, NeiL_M, mole
  9. 2seXeh
  10. AT Gaming
  11. CAZ eSports
  12. Perilous Fury
  15. SUKS
  16. Rasta.
  17. uFrag
  18. Coltkillaz
  19. ALL4
  20. J.P
  21. TRG
  22. Peckerheads
  23. Karak Gaming
  24. Coltkillaz #Gents
  25. Sinewine
  26. Royale
  27. Team ReKt
  28. The Gaming Scotsmen
  29. The Thailand Mafia
  30. Throbbing Glory




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