Team Infused Win Insomnia53 – i53 Final Standings


After battling through the lower bracket Team Infused reached the grand final and comfortably beat VexstaR 2-0, who previously beat them in the upper bracket 2-1.

The first map in the best of three was Nuke in which Infused flew out the gates with a unheard of 10-0 lead on T side Nuke with an incredible performance from Luke FearLess Morris, who had previously always come second, never first, at i-series. This map then finished 16-6.

The second map was Mirage and the first half where Infused were attacking was closer than the 12-3 decimation on Nuke, finishing 6-9 to the terrorists. Sheekey and FearLess were both top of their game and top of the scoreboard winning the game 16-9.

Here’s the final standings:

1st. Infused – £2,000

2nd. VexstaR – £1,000

3rd. FM eSports – £600

4th. TLR – £400




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