ESEA Season 17 Global LAN Finals Brackets and Schedule



fnatic 2 vs iBUYPOWER 0

Grand Final 0 vs fnatic 4

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Day 1 – Friday, December 5th *all times CST (Plus 6 hours for UK Time – Plus 7 hours for CET)

Time Green Blue
4:45pm Sign-on Sign-on
5:00pm NA vs EU All-Star Game NA vs EU All-Star Game
6:30pm iBP vs VirtusPro Denial vs Titan
9:00pm Cloud9 vs Mousesports Elevate vs Fnatic
10:30pm Day 2 Preview Day 2 Preview


Day 2 – Saturday, December 6th

Time Green Blue
9:45am Sign-on Sign-on
10:30am UR 2 – Match #1 UR 2 – Match #2
1:00pm LR 1 – Match #1 LR 1 – Match #2
3:00pm LR 2 – Match #1 LR 2 – Match #2
6:00pm Upper Round Finals Watch Green Stream
8:30pm LR 3 – Match 1 Watch Green Stream


Day 3 – Sunday, December 7th

Time Green Blue
10:15am Sign-on Sign-on
10:30am Lower Round Finals Watch Green Stream
1:00pm Finals




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