Free-to-play mobile title plans Super Bowl advert


uCool, a small independent mobile app studio based in Menlo Park, CA, today announced that it will promote its hit mobile game, Heroes Charge, with a new 15 second commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. By standing alongside much larger, better-funded competitors, Heroes Charge hopes to accelerate growth and raise its profile as one of the world’s most popular mobile games.

Watch the Heroes Charge Super Bowl ad here:

Launched in October of 2014, Heroes Charge continues to rise up the charts on Google Play where it is now the #3 top grossing role playing game in the U.S., and in the Apple App Store where Heroes Charge holds the top position in card-based games in 130 countries.

“Heroes Charge’s success is the result of the studio’s focus on exceptionally high quality game design and a strong ‘player first’ mentality. The vision of uCool is to completely change the ‘freemium’ game model,” said uCool’s CEO Lu Lu. “Unlike others who try to force users to spend money with progress-limiting paywalls, we believe that players will support games that respect their time and money which is why we provide access to all of our game content and upgrades without requiring users to spend a single dollar.”

As a result of uCool’s customer-centric focus, the Heroes Charge app has surpassed 9.7 million installations and maintains a monthly retention rate well above industry average at 27.8%. On average, players log in 3 to 4 times per day, and play for 45 minutes per session, totaling 2-3 hours per day each. Reviews on both Google and Apple app sites are overwhelmingly positive:

  • Perfect 5 star ratings on Google Play in 11 countries
  • Average rating worldwide is 4.5
  • More than 225,000 player reviews on Google Play alone

“The Super Bowl has become a national holiday attracting a wide range of demographics,” says Tony Cerrato, Marketing Officer of uCool. “In our Big Game spot, we really wanted to show off our colorful characters and appeal to a wide range of users because our player base is evenly split 50/50 between genders, and includes a mix of casual and hardcore gamers. We hope every future player will see something they like in our commercial.”




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