Two Million Players Have Maimed, Brutalised and Massacred Their Patients Since Surgeon Sim Launch


Bossa Studios is pleased to announce that having successfully trained and awarded diplomas to over two million virtual surgeons, patients worldwide can now get the surgical treatment they require.

Commenting on this landmark achievement Surgeon General Henrique Olifiers had this to say:

“Thanks to everyone who has played Surgeon Simulator and made it such a global success. It has been really amazing to see this title go from a game jam project to a full release across multiple formats and is testament to the originality and creativity we nurture here at Bossa Studios.”

For those who have yet to pick up a scalpel or crack open a rib cage, now’s the time thanks to some great week long deals on both the Steam and iOS versions of Surgeon Simulator!

Steam: 75% off for 24hrs from today, 50% reduction for the rest of the week –




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