Developers Group Pug To Release God Squad on Google Play


God Squad is a take on the incremental genre, a game for mobile where you have to recruit and level up deities to fight the encroaching hordes of immortal beings trying to destroy the gods’ undeniably awesome home, Omega Island.

Home to many different pantheons of deities, it’s down to the player to take up the mantle as leader to plow through the enemies threatening to disturb the peace.

Mix and match gods to discover powerful new synergies, explore themed worlds populated with appropriate mythological enemies, learn the different abilities and characteristics of each god you command and save the island!

God Squad was developed over a period of three months, while experimenting heavily with performative development on The entire development process (divided into two streams – UI/UX, graphics and programming) has been watched by hundreds of people up until completion and release. The game will be initially released for Android and Web builds planned for the near future.


  • Over 20 gods from two pantheons to recruit, with room for expansion into Norse, Hindi and Chinese mythology in the future
  • Engaging take on the incremental genre with your gods possessing unique abilities, characteristics and synergies with other deities
  • Over 50 achievements to earn with full Google Play integration
  • Enjoy our trademark tongue-in-cheek humor by chilling with Aphrodite, Bae of Baes, and Osiris, Probably Not a Zombie
  • Endless replayability with a global reset function that adds bonuses directly related to how well you achieved in your last run

Check God Squad over on Google Play here.




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