MYM Release Statement Regarding Recent Events Where Their Manager Threatened One of Their Players


Meet Your Makers have recently posted the following statement about the events leading up to the release of this article by DailyDot written by Richard Lewis.

However, the MYM manager was also quoted to have said the following:

[1/30/2015 3:20:02 PM] Khaled Naim: but pls
[1/30/2015 3:20:16 PM] Khaled Naim: no comment to anyone
[1/30/2015 3:20:32 PM] Khaled Naim: not even to your best friends, brother, sister mother whatever
[1/30/2015 3:20:36 PM] Khaled Naim: this is high high secret
[1/30/2015 3:21:15 PM] Khaled Naim: but your fine will be high
[1/30/2015 3:21:24 PM] Khaled Naim: this is what I have discussed with Riot too
[1/30/2015 3:21:27 PM] Khaled Naim: AND
[1/30/2015 3:21:37 PM] Khaled Naim: we will find a pr strategy together with riot
[1/30/2015 3:21:45 PM] Khaled Naim: to make some statements about you and mym and what happened
[1/30/2015 3:21:54 PM] Khaled Naim: maybe we find a way where people dont think bad about you
[1/30/2015 3:22:03 PM] Khaled Naim: because if we would post the truth from our side
[1/30/2015 3:22:07 PM] Khaled Naim: it would be bad
[1/30/2015 3:22:09 PM] Khaled Naim: and I dont want that
[1/30/2015 3:22:18 PM] Khaled Naim: I want that all think ohhh ok more important is that he is back
[1/30/2015 3:22:24 PM] Khaled Naim: thats the message we will do in marketing/pr




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