Epic.FOURTEEN Unofficial Seedings


1st. Team Infused – redSNK, hudzG, HenryG, tsack, CRUCIAL

2nd. fish123 – jakem, weber, keita, Kryptix, JT

3rd. The Last Resort – vertiGo, b3n, paynt, s0m, gintx

4th. Perilous Rage – ashhh, luster, chance, Tankey, quiver

5th. LANimals – benkofk, onscreen, r0m, Friza, mortism

6th. 2seXeh – Monster, zinc, CHZ_MACHINE, vpr, Zag

7th. so crisp – JME, mAson, EmberZ, vito, jSav

8th. NiceGuys – Gingey, Esio, Avash, Rhys, walker

9th. Divine eSports – SpIkE, Tomlinson, Nexiv, rampAge, szed

10th. InvokeUK – shcKr-, AccipiteR-, gito789, JamesAtEpicLAN, callum-

11th. Unnamed Mix – Tobyyy, Gromit, boomeh, SoniXzR, Woody




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