The Indie Games Conference London Announced for All Who Can’t Make GDC


The Indie Games Collective and Full Indie UK have teamed up and announced their own Indie Games Conference which will run 5th and 6th of March at Ukie’s offices in Central London.  Expected to sell out again, the conference features legendary speakers from the Indie games development world and is focused on those who can’t travel to GDC in San Francisco.

The 2 day event will see sharing of vital information and tips from people actually making and selling games right now.  Sessions from Jonathan Evans, Georg Backer (ex Lionhead), Nicholl Hunt (Fist of Awesome), Huda Mahdi from SCE to name a few, are set to both inform and inspire.

Microsoft and The Meatly have given their support to the conference which means that the delegates will have the most awesome refreshments throughout and some very special giveaways! Ukie have kindly lent their lovely Central London venue too.

Byron Atkinson-Jones, game developer and co-founder of the Indie Games Collective said “For me it’s important that as a game development community we get to help each other through the spread of information and experience. It’s also the time of year when GDC crops up and you get the inevitable tweets from people having a great time there and you then start to feel sad being left behind, so this event and the one we did last year is a chance for all of us to get together and experience some of that thrill. Last year was great and this year with the help in the form of sponsorship from The Meatly, Microsoft and UKIE it’s going to be amazing!”

Jake Birkett, game developer and founder of Full Indie UK said “When I first went indie, there was no “indie-scene”, but now there most certainly is and it is amazing! I believe it’s essential to go to events and talk to other people who understand what your crazy indie life is like.  It’s extremely motivating to know that you are not in this alone and that there are awesome people out there who want to help you. So sign up for the Indie Games Conference and make some new friends – you’ll love it!”

Liam Kelly General Manager, Developer and Application Platform, Microsoft UK said: “Microsoft is committed to helping the independent games industry in the UK and we’re delighted to be involved with the sponsorship of IGC2015. Our involvement in the IGC2015 event is just one part of Microsoft’s ongoing support programme to foster new Game Development talent in the UK”

The Meatly, world famous cartoonist added, “TheMeatly takes pride in providing developers worldwide with relatable comics, humor, and motivation to succeed in their creative work. It is an amazing pleasure to take TheMeatly’s support of game development further by sponsoring #IGC15!  We know it will be an amazing event where incredible indie games are discovered, powerful alliances are made, and eye-opening speakers will give new insight into the world of development that is just too juicy to miss! This is definitely where TheMeatly belongs: #IGC15, where indie games are born and raised.”

Ukie CEO Dr Jo Twist said “The Indie Game Collective is a fantastic gathering. The events have been hugely valuable and insightful to the UK development scene as well as our wider membership. We are proud to be partnering with them for this year’s conference and celebrating the creativity and innovation of UK talent”

Sadly for many, tickets sold out in just two days, indeed before we could get this press release approved!! We are trying to get the content online, and if it is possible, we will!

ALL proceeds are going to GamesAid, an organization that harnesses the fundraising potential of the games industry, making yearly donations to UK youth-focused charities. This is all made possible because of the support from Microsoft and Ukie.




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