Multiplay Partners with Game-based e-Learning Devotee, EDU Gaming CIC


Multiplay is delighted to announce a collaboration with EDU Gaming CIC (Community Interest Company), a start-up online magazine and social media platform exploring e-learning. Multiplay will help bring EDU Gaming’s community a variety of hosted services; including free game servers and TeamSpeak, allowing community members to play together and explore game-based learning.

Multiplay will continue to assist game-based learning as EDU Gaming examines the educational potential of games that have been originally designed for entertainment. With the supply of free game servers and TeamSpeak ensuring that the community has the essential support needed for game-based learning and interaction with fellow gamers.

EDU Gaming has started its first crowd funding campaign with the hope of raising enough money to revamp their website and expand the EDU Gaming team. EDU Gaming is looking to raise £5000 and asking for support on their mission in helping to make education more fun and accessible for everyone. Check out the perks available here:

EDU Gaming CIC has identified three main ways in which many games can show educational potential:

  • Contextually – using the subject of a game to teach about a wider topic
  • In-game lessons – physically engage with a lesson whilst playing a game like that done with Minecraft
  • Wider skills – skills that can be picked up from gaming culture such as programming and video production.

Most games have something to offer in one of these categories and the question can very quickly become “what subject do you want to learn?”

“Access to education is a fundamental human right, and we’re excited to be supporting such an interesting and innovative cause,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay. “We believe that games and gaming culture have incredible potential as a means of engaging young people, and Multiplay is proud to provide a strong technological platform for EDU Gaming’s initiatives. We can change the world, one game at a time.”

EDU Gaming believes that the route of educational gaming lies in experience. As such, EDU Gaming working with Multiplay provides an opportunity for non-digital native educators to learn how to play video games before engaging their students in such activities. Additionally, through Multiplay, EDU Gaming has been able to purchase hardware for the development of a comprehensive virtual learning environment, enabling real-time lesson presentation with annotations and VoIP capabilities for use by educators, and may also double up as a communication service for gamers – although still in development and is looking to release the software later this year.




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