‘All Work All Play’ Documentary will Follow Players and “eSports Personalities” as They Go on Tour


ESL is set to have its elite pro gaming tour, the Intel® Extreme Masters, featured in “ALL WORK ALL PLAY”, a documentary by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Patrick Creadon. The documentary features top players and esports personalities, and offers a never-before-seen look at the world’s fastest growing sport. Featured prominently is a behind-the-scenes look at the planning and production of ESL’s Intel® Extreme Masters, the longest running global pro gaming tour in the world.

Immediately following the film will be a live esports extravaganza, including a Q&A in front of a live studio audience, live gaming with top players, famous esports personalities, and other exclusive content designed for gaming enthusiasts and fans. The exclusive event – “ALL WORK ALL PLAY: The Pursuit of eSports Glory LIVE” – will be premiered from the ESL Burbank studio (CA, USA) on Thursday, July 23rd for North American and Latin American cinema audiences, and from the ESL Cologne studio on Tuesday, July 28th (NRW, Germany) for European and Asian cinema audiences.

ESL, the world’s largest esports company, in partnership with BY Experience, the global leader in global in live cinema content, will release the finished product in cinemas around the world, starting July 2015, as part of a larger project entitled ‘ESPORTS IN CINEMA’. The project was established by ESL and BY Experience in order to develop, create and distribute high quality esports programming curated specifically for cinema audiences globally.

I think this documentary is symbolic of how far we’ve come,” said Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of ESL. “When we started out, I dreamt about us filling stadiums, but I never entertained the idea of filling cinemas. Everyone who works with Intel Extreme Masters here at ESL is passionate about esports and I think this documentary is a testament to that. I’m very excited to see it in the cinema and can guarantee I’ll be the first to buy a ticket.”

Traveling around the world with Patrick and his crew was a unique experience both for us and for them. People very often don’t understand the amount of work that we do to make events like the Intel Extreme Masters happen, nor what it takes to be a world class gamer,” said Michal Blicharz, Managing Director of Pro Gaming at ESL. “Esports has turned into a massive show and a business, but the people behind it are still passionate hobbyists. I think that’s the story the movie will tell.”

BY Experience is honored to partner with ESL to create unique live events for cinema audiences globally, starting with the spotlight on the Intel Extreme Masters through ‘ALL WORK ALL PLAY’,” said Julie Borchard-Young, Co-President of BY Experience. “The documentary is a first in a series of cinema broadcasts that will afford esports fans an unprecedented opportunity to get together in their communities to enjoy several high-profile events throughout the year, as part of a global shared experience. Cinemas provide the optimal setting for spectators to watch their favorite players and teams compete across an array of gaming titles, broadcast live on a 70 foot cinema screen in surround sound.”

The documentary will be premiered in the ESL Burbank studio (CA, USA) on July 23rd and in the ESL Cologne studio on July 28th (NRW, Germany). Both will include interactive elements including a Q&A with the live studio audience and social media.

To view the teaser and find out more about the documentary, visit www.esportsincinema.com . Ticketing will start in April and will be available through the website.




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